MGear Gadget Wallet 3.0 Review – Is This Good For Cosplayers?

Thank you for checking out this special episode of nerd caliber today were going to review something with colonial armory. What are we reviewing today? So today were reviewing em gear io wallet its a like an everyday carry wallet, one of the minimalist type. This is a wallet that has a uh spring inside. […]

Iphone 13 Mini vs 12 Mini Review – Which Mini Maxes It?

Now, if youre thinking about buying either one of these iphones youre, probably like what is the difference and honestly theres only two reasons, i would say to get the 13 minute over the 12 mini and im going to talk about that as we get going now. As far as sizes, theyre, basically the […]

10 Cool Car Gadgets 2021 And Accessories From Aliexpress And Amazon 2021 | Best Tools

Push like and lets go: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music. All links to the products in the description below the video Music do so: Music, Music, Music, so Music. So, Music, Music, Music, Music, subscribe on my channel and click on the bell im running out of time. […]

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) Review | The Gadget Show

The latest version of the companys compact, sound bar main changes are its now got a 40 faster processor. The grille is polycarbonate rather than fabric, which should be easier to clean and, most importantly, it now has support for dolby atmos. The technology that helps precisely position sounds around you, its the same size […]

Review Gadget

Maybe i just share to you all about the specification of handphone, my phone uh. I cannot uh show to you my phone because my phone already used to video to make video and then i wan na review. Redmi note. 8 pro yep thats, my thats, my phone. There is a xiaomi product product […]


Sama dipake Qualcomm kiro2 80 dengan maksimal volume, di 23 GHz aplikasinya 1000 m dan ini, layarnya, sudah Super AMOLED dengan, skin 3 princessnya adalah 58 Instagram pernah layar adalah di 568 v pay dan disini menggunakan, adreno 540 2GB punya Hai, dari, sini, batre, cuma, 3051, nya pai Underscore intinya di tahun 2011 akhirnya […]

Kurve 6 Kit Review -Gear n' Gadget

For those of you who may have experience in the stills world, with parabolic reflectors like the bronze color or things like that, they give a really kind of sought after wrap around uh, feel of of light. Its often used for fashion, and things like this. First of all, its a six foot umbrella, […]

Honor 50 Lite Review: Awesome Looks At An Affordable Price! Should You Buy?

Now in todays, video were going to be checking out owners latest device, the 50 lite and that device just landed here in malaysia for a very affordable price point. I, in fact, was quite surprised when i found out about the price, but before we do that lets just check out the device. I […]

Nemheng Smartwatch Review… Best Budget Watch? Works on Android & iOS | Holiday Gift Ideas 2021

I was contacted last week by a young lady named bella from their company and they asked if i would review their smart watch. I, like smart watches, i own quite a few, so i was like okay lets see what this smart watch has to offer. This comes in two colors. I opted for […]

Review Jujur iPhone 12 Mini di Akhir 2021 – Masihkah Worth?

Satu ini, Oke Guys ini, dia, adalah, iPhone 12 Mini dimana, iPhone ini, sudah, kita, gunakan, buat sehari hari penggunaan dan Pada kesempatan, kali ini, kita, akan, melakukan revenue, Bagaimana, kelebihannya, maupun, kekurangannya, pastikan, kalian, tonton, sampai, habis, dan kita, akan, bahas, terlebih, dahulu, dari, sisi, kelebihannya, yang jelas, Chipset Apple 14, THP ini, itu […]