ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 (2022): Unboxing & First Look Review

I like what they bring to the table, durability, excellent quality, and i love the keyboards. Yes, one of my favorite parts of the thinkpad line. Well, i just took delivery of one of its newest offerings, its the x1 yoga gen 7. A nice follow up to one of my favorite business convertibles of […]

4000 Pesos Na Android Tablet May Dual Sim Pa! Alldocube Smile 1 Tablet Review!

Is this malwana tablet and whats so special about this? One is malicia portable, yet Music, so hi guys how about a gadget sidekick and welcome back to my channel so kita nathan. The box is always black, as of course known from all the cube like in black and canyon box and silicon yeah, […]

Oculus / Meta Quest 2: Yoges ZQ2 Head Strap Unbox, Review & Kiwi Design, SiLoKe & Elite Comparison!

This will hopefully give you a good idea of what head strap is best for you. Now this video is featured on the oculus matte quest playlist, so you can find information related to this topic quickly and easily. As always, we only feature products or services. I buy use or im interested in on […]

Realme GT 2 Pro Review: Better Than the Motorola Edge 30 Pro?

Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1., Apart from the Motorola Edge 30. Pro there arent a lot of challengers. At almost 50K youre, getting a 2K display fast charging and the promise of good gaming performance with the GT 2 Pro.. But is that enough, Or is the Moto, a better choice? Hey everyone […]

iPhone 13 Clear Case with MagSafe Review | Long Term (8 months later)

You know really on any iphone 13. I believe its iphone 12 model as well. You just have to get the right size, but yeah. I wanted to go over this product and kind of give my thoughts of whether you guys should buy or not. This does work with magsafe, which is pretty cool, […]


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Super Lightweight All Around Performance Laptop – Huawei Matebook 14 2022 Laptop Review

Now most likely this time around, it would be hybrid learning now, and i learned from my kids that tuesday thursday saturday would be staying at home online schooling and monday, wednesday and friday would be going back to school, to meet their friends and, of course, importante. Canelo is portability now this one probably […]

Rp1.499 JUTA!!! Unboxing Redmi 10A Indonesia!

000 tuh bakal berguna banget, buat, kedepannya, karena, kalau, cuma 32GB aja agak terbang, masih, demi, sama, seribu, cobaan, kita, lihat, isinya, kalau, dari, ketebalannya, Hini, kelihatan, lumayan, lengkap, Ya: dari plastiknya ini, tipe, buat, HP, entry level, banget pasti, kegemburan, gini, udah, biasa, enggak, heran, terus, disini, kita, dapetin, SIM ejector dan di dalamnya, […]

This is the end… gadget discovery club final episode

This is the end Music. Welcome back to another grand tech, video, so yeah its been a while sorry about that. My last couple of videos that i had planned havent gone to plan, which is why im doing this video to be honest. First of all were going to start with something that i […]

Dizo Bud Z l Budget Best TWS l Review

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