Fry’s Electronics RIP Frys Electronics 😥😥😥

Apparently fry’s electronics will be dead tonight. The website will go down at midnight. I just checked it’s, not even midnight yeah they’re dead, um, fry’s, electronics. If you don’t know what fry’s electronics is, i don’t think they’re everywhere micro, centers aren’t everywhere. Please come on down to the phoenix area micro center. I […]

IKEA, Tiny house movement HOW I CUT MY RENT BY $7000/YR | Family of 3 Small Space Hack Using Ikea Friheten

This is going to be really complicated, it’s going to be a pain i’m going to hate my life every single day when i have to do this in today’s video i’m going to be showing you guys how i cut my monthly expenses by over 1500 by downsizing In a city as a family […]

IKEA, Tiny house movement Harsh Reality About Pre-fab Homes and Why I Won't Ever Buy Them

It seems like every day i’m asked about my thoughts on prefab homes, kit houses and yes, even modular shipping container homes, because after all, who wouldn’t want a prefab modern home for less than fifty thousand dollars. But to be totally honest over the years. I’Ve kind of realized that they’re not all they’re […]

IKEA, Tiny house movement Les TinyHouse ne sont PAS écologiques !

Et puis un jour j’tait en soire avec des amis et j’ai discut avec une personne qui ne partage pas vraiment les mme valeurs cologiques que moi et qui ma dis, quotKvin tu sais si Tu regarde bien les Tiny House c’est pas si cologique que aquot Et pour tre honnte bah ces arguments, m’ont […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc Movie?! BUNGIE announces new Investments! New Games and IP! Expands Studio and bigger HQ!

net, they have just announced a growth plan for 2021 and i figured i’d share. Some of the highlights of this particular article that might be of interest to you as a guardian of the destiny universe. So you’ll see that they’ve made key announcements around a studio, expansion, key talent, investments and new board […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc – SERIE & FILM DESTINY! New Quête, Projets de Bungie & Bannière de fer

Si ceux ci en vaut le coup ou non on a aussi une petite kate, durant, cette manire de faire, pour la rcompense j’imagine que c’est pour vous permettre de donner vos photos et donc, d’obtenir par la suite des arts bureaux, au lieu d’avoir, uniquement des armes, non Comme d’habitude avant de valider, la […]

Destiny 2, Hotfix, Bungie Inc ESTINY TV SHOW? Bungie Opens New Studio, Expands Team for Destiny And New IP!

A new international studio, distinct teams for various projects, publishing games at least one new ip before 2025, possible destiny, movies and other entertainment and tons more. So that was a mouthful but let’s dive right into this all right, everybody welcome back to the channel. I just finished a video on the glycon velatus […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player Loki, but with 100% CDR – Will It Loki?

Well, uh. Welcome guys back to another to the series. Uh will loc. What will it work loki for those who don’t understand what willa loki it basically uh. I just come up with some really off brand, build that may or may not work. It definitely won’t work but it’s, you know still fun, […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player Novatos no SMITE são LIXO?

E tal e eu preferi o leque Eu discordo e, a ttica de forma debaixo da Torre ela acontece por um motivo ou, voc, no conseguir, trocar, porrada com, cara se, voc, no t, conseguindo, trocar, porrada com, cara, ficar, ditando, meninos e ao, mesmo tempo trocando com, raiva Com o cara, no importa, se […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player MITE – God Reveal – Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Sea

God reveal for tiabot goddess of the salt seed. Music tiamat is the first, the begetter of all life, the mother of creation, when the heavens did not yet exist, nor the earth below she was there for eons. She coiled silent and sleeping in the cosmic abyss until she met epsom, the god of […]