DJI, First-person view, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone racing 😎DJI Goggles Immersive FPV Goggles for DJI Drones – SEE A DIFFERENT WORLD

The dji goggles are designed for easy fpv flying providing both seamless control and crystal clear views. A pair of large high quality screens offer stunning 3840 by 1080 resolution, more than double the pixel density of typical fpv goggle screens. Not only that we’ve packed pixels so tightly that the image is free from […]

DJI, First-person view, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone racing PV Drone Everything You Need To Know – Drone Emotion

My friends we’re back here once again with a brand new video and today we’re going to be talking about the dji fpv drone and, most importantly, we’re going to be talking about everything that you need to know about this brand new drone from dji. So we’re going to be talking about all of […]

Joe Biden, Supply chain Debunking the false reason some women are hesitant to get the COVID vaccine

What data do we have on that right now, diane? There is no data on this there’s, no credible, biologic mechanism. This is it there’s, no plausibility that the vaccine itself is going to affect fertility and, in fact remember. We haven’t heard anything that covet 19 and there’s been hundreds of millions of people […]

Joe Biden, Supply chain Trudeau, Biden deliver joint statement after 1st bilateral meeting | FULL

Did you stay, prime minister, true, and i just included for both our nations, for both our nations. Getting covert under control at home and around the world is immediate priority and we’re committed to work together to help prevent future biological threats by strengthening the world health organization. Supporting our bold targets under the […]

Joe Biden, Supply chain President Joe Biden: I'm confident we will exceed goal of 100M doses in first 100 days

I wanted. I want you to know that once we beat the covet we’re going to do everything we can to end cancer. As we know, it, i’ve asked dr eric lander, a renowned harvard mit scientist to co, lead the presidential council of advisors in science and technology and the office of science and […]

Twitch, 100 Thieves, Call of Duty, Video game live streaming, Esports Pro Banned on Twitch with NO Reason, FaZe Adapt Banned Too

This video been in the works for a couple of days now still no update on. At least one of those cases that being nrg valor pro known as shanks, who was also banned on twitch just a few days back and supposedly not given a reason as to why now, i imagine he’d mean […]

Twitch, 100 Thieves, Call of Duty, Video game live streaming, Esports Pro Player Gets BACK TO BACK Gunships In League Play (Cold War)

Oh well, we flipped, we flipped. We got our match right. These guys are too good with grenades. Do you have that going exit low again trophy good communications brothers, brother dead from you another one? Three two one is me is: are you i’m, like one off of gunship let’s, go blue face, shot […]

Twitch, 100 Thieves, Call of Duty, Video game live streaming, Esports Game Is TOO TOXIC For Streaming?

That kind of just seems, like my thing at this point: australian rainbow six caster and streamer jess bolden, also known as jess goat, has decided to stop streaming rainbow six for a little while, because of how toxic it’s gotten i’ve exclusively streamed siege for years, i have Thousands and thousands of hours streamed […]

Fry’s Electronics Thrilling Cities Presents: Fry's Electronics City of Industry, The Pink Motel & Cadillac Diner

This time i went to city of industry to um, see the fries over there, which most of the fries are closing down. So this is my way of like kind of documenting everything, and that way, maybe you guys will have memory. You know, comment down below and just share it memories that you […]

Fry’s Electronics 's Electronics is a terrible place.

Why are we at oro, china, when we can’t buy the products that we want? You know the chinese are trying to survive too. I see, even though these look good they’re, not good, rc cars lrtd too tight. What about the darth vader one? I thought darth vader is your thing: oh it’s, a […]