Indoor air quality Eve Room 2 review – Best Apple HomeKit Indoor Air Quality Monitor?

Where i view technology for the consumer prosumer – and i give my take on the things i see with fall in the us for most states that comes with lower humidity and lower temperatures, which can cause some health concerns, and not only just to your health, but also To the precious musical instruments […]

Indoor air quality Air Quality Simulation Software and Application to Aerosol Transport

We have some great presentations for you tonight on indoor air quality um before then. I just wanted to give a quick hint for our next faster event, which is may 28th its going to be a tuesday. So is that its different than normal? So keep that in mind um. The venue will be […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store RESPONDE! – MALAS NOTICIAS – Apple vs Fortnite

No te has suscrito aprieta el botn, ac abajo para que no te. Pierdas nuestros prximos vdeos ahora si comencemos con este vdeo ayer en la noche, vimos el mensaje de epic games, con el cual la empresa, le est pidiendo a paul que activara otra vez la cuenta de desarrollador de epic games, para […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store NA! – Fortnite PODRÁ REGRESAR AL APP STORE!

Ms de un, ao y en este vdeo te estar explicando todo. Lo que est pasando. As que comencemos antes de empezar quiero invitarte a que te suscribas y aprieta ese botn de light ya que por fin esta batalla est a punto de terminar y el juego est a punto de regresar y en […]

Apple, Epic Games, Fortnite, App Store V Apple Ruling Revealed! Will Fortnite Return to App Store?

It is andrew here you can find me on twitter at andrew underscore osu, and the ruling in the epic verse apple case is officially in so lets break down what the judge has decided and what it means for app store and apps going forward. And what is certainly a mixed ruling has benefits […]

Non-fungible token, Ethereum Fungible Token – How to buy sell & even Create NFT's

What nfts is uh. You know how you create them, how you sell them, how you buy them and tease, is non uh. Fungible tokens non fungible tokens the unit of data stored on a data on a digital ledger called a blockchain, so basically its a unit of data thats stored on the blockchain […]

Non-fungible token, Ethereum 06 September 2021 What Are Non Fungible Tokens

Now in the world of financial services and economics, i often refer to the prevalence of tlas whats, a tla. A three letter acronym and weve got another one to discuss, which has been very prominent in recent weeks and months and ross muller. A research analyst at skybound capital joins me for this one […]

Non-fungible token, Ethereum Researching NFTs and Minting an NFT on Ethereum

My name is teo. My name is oscar on the vosscoin youtube channel. This is tails the owner of the boss coin youtube channel. I work here thats, my beautiful pup and uh yeah 10 seconds of tales. We do every day on the channel smash that subscribe button and lets jump into it. If […]

iPad mini, iPod mini, iPhone Mini 6 Specs & Rumors

Today we will talk about rumors around the ipad mini 6, as were calling it have been relatively quiet lately, but a redesigned compact ipad is still expected to make an appearance this year likely around the fall when a new iphone is also tipped to be revealed. Such a redesign is expected to yield […]

iPad mini, iPod mini, iPhone 13: the END of Android?

Thats just crazy, but i do think that the iphone 13 is going to heavily influence and possibly change the future. Android phones. We see in 2021. In 2022 and other years, moving forward in fact lets just sort of break down the five biggest features coming to the iphone 13 and how they could […]