Can you fix RAM Management problem with MIUI OS in Xiaomi smartphones? Apps keep closing

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Comment (12)

  1. Hello man i am Egyptian and i love ur videos
    But i have a qustion can u tell me when nokia 5x will be available for buying?

  2. #TechUtopia this looks like the umidigi z1 / z pro film all ouver again.
    Your going to lose a lot of subscribers, but keep up the fight bro! put some sense into this people xD

  3. Assalamualeykum bro. This is why I like your channel. I wonder which Android phone have the best ram management after this video.

  4. Ve alejkumu-s-selam brate. Svaka cast na videu, neki opasan bug ima u MIUI. Pod hitno trebaju ovo popraviti, zašto bacati pare na telefon sa više ram memorije ako nema razlike. Jesi li pisao na miui forumu možda bi tamo trebali otvoriti topic oko ovog problema ?

    1. hehe hvala brate, ne vjerujem da je iko uradio ovakav video.
      A nemam vremena da se ganjam po forumima.
      nadam se da ce neko otvoriti temu tu i postaviti ovaj klip.
      u pravu si


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