Building a PC with Techaltar – AMD Ryzen 1800X Edition


We constructed a Personal Computer with the brand new AMD Ryzen 1800x and that's outstanding! Checkout Techaltars video below:
open for additional information. ————————————————————————————————-. Personal Computer Components:. Bitfenix Aurora: *. Bitfenix LED: *. MSI x370 Circuit board: *
. Ryzen 7 1800X: *.
Bequiet 280: *.
Hyper X RAM: *.
Hyper X SSD: *.
WD Red 8TB: *.
Bequiet PSU: *.
MSI 1050TI 4GB: *.
more LED things:.
————————————————————————————————-. Intrigued in Technician!
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Comment (51)

    1. exactly. I remember my i7 5820k.. was also really expensive and is still damn expensive. the 100€ price difference was not that much for me, i needed that 1800X 😀

    2. TechMagnet Well yeah sure , but I think for general consumers building a high end system the 1700 overclocked is way enough and then you got 100€ more to spend on a gpu if you’re on limited budget.

      I’d really like to upgrade my system at home to ryzen but well, money doesn’t grow on trees as a student haha

      BTW great video !

    3. I know your feeling. got the gpus etc for free. otherwise i would also have a budget problem. But thats a good point. i think i will make a video series about budget configs.

    4. TechMagnet really great idea. The upcoming ryzen 3 should really mix up the budget game since they are just a ryzen 5 1500x without SMT.

      I’m personally still rocking an i5 4670k with a RX480. the gpu is still fine for 1080p (though it’s impossible to buy them at the moment) and my CPU also holds up well in games, but having that upgrade is always a nice feeling

    5. yea for core i3 prices. im damn exited about it. 4670k is also nice to OC 😀 yea i would have killed for a cheap 480 mining rig earlier. Damn cryptocurrencies 😀

    1. absolutely, the question is how much 😀 i see people asking that everyday, but almost nobody tries it because its a waste of money 😀

    2. If you ever try to do a different pc with ryzen, cheap up on the cpu and spend on the gpu

      Not all games utilize all 8 cores/16 threads of 1800x.

      But it will serve as a cpu oriented powerhouse

    3. I know, gpus came free from msi. will be replaced for 1070 soon 🙂 the 1050’s will come in my mining rig.

    1. a weak part in the system that prevents the whole system from performing as it should. Like a smaller diameter in a bottle 😀

  1. The M.2 “cooling block” actually doesn’t work, the opposite even. It just traps warm air while the zero-fin design falls short

  2. I’m just curious. Can you explain me how Mining Bitcoins works or send me a video link here so I can more about it. I’m very curious about that to know what it is , how it works etc. But great video overall


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