Blackberry Key2 Review – Most underrated or Most hated Smartphone 2018 ?!

The new Blackberry Key2 is here and today in this review we will check if the Blackberry Key 2 is worth the money or not. Buy cheap here: *
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Comment (14)

    1. Donald Turnbull I think that’s the only target group they have. Maybe they should do normal smartphones with security encryption features for all the paranoid people 😂

  1. I have to say, the audio recording quality/microphone that you demonstrated in the video test is really good. I wasn’t looking at your video when you cut to that scene, and I was really surprised you were demonstrating the video and not just talking into your studio mic. I’m really really impressed.

    1. richarddr1234 it’s okay. I had to boost it up to plus 16db.. Gain is really low.. Not sure what’s wrong. Quality, okay

  2. I have been using the keyone for a year, with the dual SIM 64gb 4gb ram version. After a year of use, it’s incredibly slow, even with daily cleaning of the cache. If someone wants productivity, all I can say is to stay away. I love the physical keyboard, it does help when typing longer emails or taking notes in OneNote during a presentation, but even the keyboard is slow and buggy in everyday use. Lot of missed keypresses, or it simply doesn’t react for seconds and then suddenly dashes out all the txt it missed. Apps launched with a 2-3 sec delay, camera often misses the shot because when it’s finally takes the shot, it’s already gone – this is super annoying on conference presentations when I want to capture a slide into onenote and the slide is gone. The fingerprint recognition is a hit and miss, most of the cases it works,but all too often it needs a repeated swipe. All in all, the keyboard is nice, but everything else on this phone is like a cheap low range phone. Now I switched to the OnePlus 6, and it is super productive. I miss a but the physical keyboard, but for those rare occasions I can use the keyone if needed, I just have to be patient when using it. So the biggest problem with the keyone is the lack of proper software optimisation, and so far there is no sign that this will be any better on the key2. So I agree with most of your conclusions, thanks for the review.


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