BEST OF SONY 2019 – Xperia 1 – Xperia 10 – A6400 – 8K ZG9/Z9G – 4K OLED AG9/A9G !

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The Sony Xperia 1 is really hot now but Sony also released other cool stuff like the Xperia 10, the Alpha A6400 , 8K ZG9 and 4K OLED AG9 ! Checkout PureVPN: *
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The Xperia 1 looks wacky at first with its very tall 21:9 aspect ratio but aping the dimensions of a cinema screen and Netflix content could be a canny move by Sony for a niche market.Let’s not pretend this is going to drag Sony’s phones back into the mainstream – but this is a premium device with a slick design and triple cameras. It’s all about the display, the first 4K HDR OLED on a smartphone.. #sonyxperia1 #xperia1 #sony – Techadvisor
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Comment (28)

  1. Hey guys, one question. Would you like to see a video on the wireless turntable ? Let me know if you find it boring or cool. pretty unsure about it. Also want to see a test on the a6400 ?

    1. i want review to a6400 ,how much costs? 🙂 and if u can do at wireless glass speaker too it would be nice,and that sound sistem is omg :O

  2. Finallyyyy,i waited this so much ! Thanks man because u was there and u bring us with u 😀 You are so cool,and u talk about Sony,this is great ! 🙂 i thinked u are german,but u are from Austria 🙂 hi there ,from Romania 🙂 Cheers bro!

    1. +TechMagnet yes is cool,i hope they made that comeback,we need that like the air 🙂 and xperia 1 is great,very much peoples are interested about xperia 1 😀 and yeah,peoples think 21:9 is bullshit,but when u look on youtube or at a movie,is so great to have a large screeen 🙂

  3. I’m sure that’s will be the best smartphone display in the world.. Also the camera will be great even without the imx 586 48 mp… There is three things.. One I really can’t understand and really upset me from Sony it’s a stupidity, the battery capacity wtf 3330 mah for 1000€$… So test the battery . Second the lack of the 3.5 mm from the manufacturer who did invented the Walkman !!!! Third the price is very high !

  4. Can’t wait for the Xperia 1 review. For that we have no doubts on the screen. Camera is hot though would be nice to have an in depth review test. See how the battery holds up. And even now when it’s up for pre order on one place they say it has wireless charging. Would be good to actually have a final answer from Sony about it. In a FAQ we do. But videos and hands on reviews are still coming up saying it has.

  5. Looking forward to more in depth video of Xperia 1.. Looks amazing, oh and please test those dual speakers !! Cheers


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