Best Bezel-less Phone 2018 – Highest Screen-to-Body Ratio (Top 10)

These phones are the top 10 highest screen to body ratio bezel-less phones in the world. The race is on to 100%, but we aren't there just yet, so we list the 10 highest screen ratios that you can buy right now. It was only a few years ago that display phone screens were about 50%, fast forward to today and we are over 90%, who will be the first to a fully bezel-less display? Oppo Find X is currently the closest with hardly any bezels and a 93.8% screen to body ratio.

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  1. The Oppo Find X is definitely the most amazing phone (flagship) of 2018!!! Hopefully Samsung will be inspired by it for the upcoming S10!!! Again, absolutely well done to Oppo!!!


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