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Banggood 11.11 Smartwatch Giveaway: Win One of Three Watches: H8 / S68 / L7

Enter the Banggood 11.11 Smartwatch Giveaway here:

Only two requirements to play:

Follow Banggood Facebook:
Click on Banggood Shopping Link:

This contest will run through midnight, EST, 11/11/2018

WINNER Choses ONE of these three Smartwatch Prizes:
H8 Ladies Smartwatch:
View review here:
S68 Analog/Digital Smartwatch:
View review here:
L7 Smartwatch/Earbud:
View review here:

Second Place Prize
Digital Clock:

Third Place Prize
Desktop Fan:

This is our first contest ever to give you guys a chance of winning some fun watches. Thank you for participating and especially thank you for following the Banggood Facebook page. That's the measure that will be monitored to see how effective holding giveaways will be for this YouTube channel.

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Comment (22)

  1. Bro plz help me iam Indian….
    How to buy smart watch zeblaze thor pro smart watch in gearbest website plz reply bro

    1. Congratulations on being Indian and watching these videos from the other side of the planet. Unfortunately, I have nothing to do with the sales, so you need to work directly with the company to coordinate shipping to India. The big sites like Banggood and Gearbest should be able to help you. Simply try the purchase using the link in the show notes under the video review of the Thor Pro and put in your shipping address. Their system should be able to figure it all out for you. They ship all over the world all the time! Best of luck.

  2. I ordered that woman’s watch 2 weeks ago. My first order from them. Hope it goes smoothly. Kind of a ‘test’ order.

    1. That is a very good question. There wasn’t an option when I set it up to restrict it by country, so it should be open to play world wide. Banggood didn’t say it was for USA only, and they sell these watches all over the world, so it should be OK with them. Of course, if there’s a shipping problem to your country, then it may not be possible to get a prize to you, but that would become an issue between you and your country’s customs agents, not with me or Banggood for sending it out. So yes, this contest, as I understand it, is open Globally.

    2. +SmartWatch Ticks ty for the information, im very happy to hear that
      I live in malaysia 😁, hope i can win the giveaway


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