BAKEEY I3 Large Transflective Screen 1GB/16GB Android 5.1 Smartwatch: One Minute Overview

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They call it an “Induction Screen”, and that may be the correct way to refer to a screen that gets brighter in sunlight but, at the same time, looses color as it shifts to black & white & gray. Most of us have heard of “Transflective Screen” technology for these type of screens, so I’m continuing to use that term here to minimize confusion. This is one of the largest screen we’ve seen on an Android Smartwatch, measuring a full 1.53 inches across for the active display. The watch houses it nicely by extending the screen edge-to-edge with a thin , plain bezel. Given that large screen space, the pixel density is only 320×320, not the typical 400×400 seen in the standard 1.39 inch diameter sized screens.

This watch runs the tried and true Android 5.1 and appears to handle it well with smooth scrolling and watch optimized operation. After all, there have been a couple of years now to refine it. Oh, and yes, this watch also includes the special app for Bluetooth tethered calling with your phone, making the I3 a true dual-mode watch out of the box. This is a worthy choice for those looking for a good sized watch with an easy to read screen.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the I3 is practically identical to the Zeblaze Thor Pro with the exception that it has only one button (the Thor Pro has two). There is another notable difference, so be sure to watch the I3 / Thor Pro comparison video before you decide which one to buy.

Here is the unboxing and 1st Look video of the Bakeey I3 smartwatch:

Here is the I3 / Thor Pro comparison video:

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