Fortnite, Terminator, Epic Games, Ali-A, Sarah Connor RMINATOR T-800 Character Reveal Trailer

All right. Welcome to my january 21st, live item shop, review. Video! Look at this. We have got the future war bundle. Oh wow! It is expensive, though 2 800 v bucks. What do we got in this bundle? We’Ve got sarah connor. She was just a girl from l.a, but destiny had big plans […]

Fortnite, Terminator, Epic Games, Ali-A, Sarah Connor RMINATOR is Coming To Fortnite!

We have another collaboration coming to fortnite and we have some leaks regarding it, but also fortnite made a tweet just about seven hours ago. Um incoming transmission targets description, a ruthless machine and a protector of the future let’s go ahead and listen to this and just kind of understand what what’s going on […]

Fortnite, Terminator, Epic Games, Ali-A, Sarah Connor *NEW* TERMINATOR ARRIVES in Fortnite! (NEW SKINS, CHALLENGES + MORE)

As we re look at all the teasers that epic games sent me directly, letting us know all the hunters that are coming this season and we’ve got. Some awesome surprises to look at. If you want to get yourself a legendary weapon. Have your next fortnite chest just hit the thumbs up button it’s […]

Hitman The new Hitman game is just pure nonsense

Well, silence servant i’m i’m jeff bezos death has arrived. How does agent 47 get away with anything he’s like the one bald guy in the world bottom bottom stealth? Well, i can, i can salvage this get the body come on. Let’S get the body out of sight. My new disguise, i am a […]

Hitman 3 Review

Playgrounds has reached a wonderful crescendo in hitman 3., while it doesn’t stray from the killer. Chord combination, developer, io, interactive, crafted for 2016’s hitman and continued to use in 2018’s, hitman 2 it’s abundantly clear here that the studio has well and truly mastered its act with some of the most surprising and imaginative […]

Hitman 3 Psycho Stealth Kills (Dubai, UAE)Suit Only

You will find marcus stuyvesant near the building’s signature, art installation, while a paranoid carl ingram has ensconced himself in his penthouse suite security on highest alert. Mr gray is already in position and ready to assist. Good luck. 47. 47. Come in 47. Do you copy i’m here? Are you in position i’m heading […]

Garden centre Exploring an ABANDONED GARDEN CENTRE and HOUSE

Well, there was no need, for that was a fact yeah, but so was walt disney Music uh good jumper t shirt. Vesticles i’ve got like 17 layers on as well i’m, not cold, wet what’s happening indoor explorers. It is ash here from forgotten spaces. Today, myself, wayne and andy are at somewhere somewhere […]

Garden centre 聖誕Lockdown前行一轉garden centres🌷

95, 120 garden centre, 2.99, 11.95, 5.

Garden centre A Trip to the Garden Center for Houseplants! 🌿💚 // Garden Answer

I’Ve got some of benjamin’s leftover birthday, cupcakes i’m going to deliver, but i also want to pick out a few new houseplants. We are five days away from the birth of our baby girl and i feel the need to have some fresh houseplants. I don’t know why how’s it going. Did you have […]

Fortnite, Epic Games LA EPIC GAMES MI HA TOLTO TUTTE LE SKIN! 😡 Fortnite

Se me la storia, armadietto anche qui, completamente, vuoto, piccone, piccone, vuoto, davvero, questa schifezza di come si chiama vuoto vuoto tutto completamente vuoto ci sono tante le voci questa qua ragazzi questa qua questo fa principale la classic che sia ragazza, soltanto, questo, erano, veramente, pi nient’altro, the Breaker black out di forbes si […]