Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 Wed. 01/20 – A16Z To Get Into The Media Business?

Anthony lewandowski gets a pardon and jack ma resurfaces. Netflix is about to start printing money and they’re about to give you a shuffle play button and why ben thompson thinks intel is even more in trouble than everybody thinks here’s. What you missed today in the world of tech Music is andreessen horowitz about […]

Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 Loop Matinal – Quinta-feira, 21/1/2021

Do Sucesso do jogo n pessoal t botando em massa e desde, a segunda metade do ano passado a gente tem que melhorar servidor melhor rentabilidade tambm corrigir, bugs e ficou para depois, o lanamento do mapa novo que obrigar chega para prometido, agora, para Janeiro, ele s, no Falaram quando que esse mapa, novo […]

Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 I Never Expected This To Happen

Even here yet then uh msi doesn’t know how to make good looking motherboards and porsha decides that it’s time to make things a little cheaper, let’s get into that after we talk about today’s video sponsor the chirp wheel is something that i use daily for stretching my Back and making sure that my […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game ST FORTNITE ADVENTURE MAP! | Tales Of The Explorer (Fortnite Creative)

Yo. I want to go explo. I know the spot. I love to have you come with me, but this adventure is too dangerous. Yo i’m going to search for the lost kingdom and when i find it we’ll be famous okay, now be a good little explorer and keep mommy safe. Until i return […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game Just Said THIS About Mobile and Console… (bad news)

We are back again here with another video. Now, today, boys was an absolute crazy day for news in terms of fortnite, mainly in the realm of competitive and just the future of epic games, and how they’re going to be treating both mobile and console moving forward. Now, normally i don’t bring console stuff […]

Fortnite, Epic Games, Battle royale game 15 FUNNIEST Fortnite Moments

So get your roast beef ready and smash the like, because it’s about to go down number 15 pure chaos. When ronaldo was getting some games in on his twitch stream. He loaded into a fortnight match with his teammate. It seemed like a normal match until an actual legion of players flew into pleasant […]


Currently the wba 130 135 pound champion superstar boxer, javonte tang davis. He weighs in on an update of the possibility of him facing undefeated rising mexican superstar lightweight title contender. King rod, ryan garcia, in which giovante tank davis stated that he’ll do anything in his power to be able to stage the showdown […]


So it looks like four division world champion superstar boxer adrian the problem broner. He will be making his ring return since his loss to uh manny pac man pacquiao two years ago. Uh that took place two years ago in 2019 is 2021. uh. With that said, uh adrian broner. He lost to manny, […]

Blue Bloods S11E04

Do 4 Episdio da dcima primeira temporada the Blood Episdio comea com, R, em um julgamento de um, assassinato em, um crime de trnsito de acordo com, Ellen o infrator teria, bebido e dirigido, causando, um, acidente com, vtima, fatal em e mais, tarde era; em receber, a visita Da me da vtima porque ela […]

Fortnite, Terminator, Epic Games, Ali-A, Sarah Connor RMINATOR T-800 Character Reveal Trailer

All right. Welcome to my january 21st, live item shop, review. Video! Look at this. We have got the future war bundle. Oh wow! It is expensive, though 2 800 v bucks. What do we got in this bundle? We’Ve got sarah connor. She was just a girl from l.a, but destiny had big plans […]