Xbox One, March, 2021 GAMES WITH GOLD MARÇO 2021 – OFICIAL

Uma tima, notcia que so os Games With Gold. Do ms de maro de 2021 isso mesmo galera j saiu, a lista oficial da Microsoft E como eu j, havia anunciado para vocs: no nosso vdeo aqui de histria n esse aqui Os Games With Gold, Maro histria eu trouxe para vocs ali at o, […]

Xbox One, March, 2021 Live Games With Gold March 2021

Xbox Music xbox live games with gold for march 2021.. Some viewers may find the following video disturbing viewer. Discretion is advised available march 1st on xbox one series x and series s warface breakout this world is a dangerous wicked place, so when mistakes are high and things get messy, you leave the dirty […]

Artificial intelligence, Deepfake, MyHeritage Family Photo Come to Life! Deep Nostalgia, Deep Fakes and Family Memories

That was deep nostalgia and it was introduced yesterday by my heritage, a genealogy website at roots tech, the largest genealogy conference in the world and, of course, it’s virtual. So this was something people saw on their computer screens and devices all over yesterday. So what is deep nostalgia, and maybe we should talk […]

Artificial intelligence, Deepfake, MyHeritage TheChanClan: MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia – I Animated My Long-Departed Grandparents Whom I Never Met!

Now this is pretty cool. This is new technology using artificial intelligence and deep learning to help you transform photos into videos of your long lost relatives. So here you see actually my own grandparents. This is grandpa chan and grandma chan, whom i never met because they passed away before i was born. Grandpa […]

Cloud computing, Cloud storage What is AWS? What is Cloud Compiting? AWS Fundamentals

Please remember to share this video with anyone who may be interested, give it a thumbs up if you like it sub, if you love it and let’s get started. So, in my opinion, aws is the best cloud computing platform out there and in this video we’re going to find out why? But i […]

Cloud computing, Cloud storage O QUE É CLOUD COMPUTING? PARA QUE SERVE?

Provveis e o que que so esses Cludio por vrios, so grandes empresas que tem data center espalhados ao redor do mundo que entregam essa servios atravs da internet acho que deu para entender mais ou menos o que que essa computao da nuvem e para esclarecer um pouco Mais vontade algumas caractersticas da Computao […]

Cloud computing, Cloud storage Billing in Cloud Storage

As a fellow human who’s not made of money. Let’S talk about those fees, your options and the importance of budgeting in cloud storage. Music, just like a grocery run on an empty stomach. A budget can help. You keep your cloud computing and food bills from getting surprising. Let’S. Look at how pricing breaks […]

Nintendo Switch, 2021, March Highly Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games Coming March 2021!

Sorry, you died Music, Music, all over the world Music, so Music right there. This place is done. Applause um welcome to naperville, where from town center to the weirding woods to the trails of mount steep, a battle is always raging head to head. Combat is at the heart of battle for neighborville, spread […]

Nintendo Switch, 2021, March Why March 2021 Is CRAZY For Nintendo Switch Owners!

When it comes to new game releases on the nintendo switch, we’ve got exclusive games, we’ve got third party ports, we’ve got smaller games, there’s, really something for everyone in the month of march, when it comes to the nintendo switch. So yes, the nintendo switch is going to destroy your wallet again in the […]

Nintendo Switch, 2021, March 4 Exciting New Games Coming to Nintendo Switch – March 2021

We also got a full 50 minute, nintendo direct, a real direct from nintendo it’s, like those things don’t even exist anymore, but bam here. It comes. We mostly learned about a chunk of games that are coming out in the early half of this year, and some of them are coming out pretty soon […]