Oklahoma, Eastern Oklahoma State College, College, Campus How To Get Better at Plant Identification

I think nursery here somewhere in near sarasota, south of tampa florida uh, but we’re gon na tour around the nursery we’re gon na talk about plant identification in this video and how to get better at plant identification. No matter where you live, so i get asked all the time. How does somebody get […]

Microsoft Corporation, Xbox One [FIXED]Xbox One won't update apps or games

Now it doesn’t matter which xbox you have if it’s the original xbox one the 1s the 1x. This should even work on the series x and the series s. If you actually have one so you’re trying to update the microsoft store or the event beta, app or any other app on the system […]

Microsoft Corporation, Xbox One Developers PRAISE Xbox Game Pass | NEW Xbox Series X Games Added | Xbox News

Let’S get into what this publisher had to say: Music, hey everyone thanks for tuning in to the channel, remember to hit that subscribe button, and that, like button, the support is greatly appreciated. But enough of that let’s get right into this article where they have direct quotes from publishers and developers. Talking about […]


Those of you who are sticking by continuing to watch my videos and supporting my channel. I thank you because you and i know the truth. The sony ponies they’ve lost with the news earlier this week that all the playstation exclusives are coming to pc. My statement that i made damn near a year […]

Sky, Jupiter, March Top Astronomical Events in March 2021 | Astronomy Calendar

Asteroid 4 vista will be well placed lying in the constellation leo well. Above the horizon for much of the night, regardless of your location on the earth, 4 vista will reach its highest point in the sky around midnight, the geometry of the alignment – this optimal positioning occurs when it makes its closest […]

Sky, Jupiter, March 2021 final

Vesta let’s begin by taking a look at the planets and we’ll start with the planet mars. We talked at the end of february about how mars was making a close approach to the pleiades star cluster and that close approach continues at the beginning of march. Here we are looking towards the south west […]

Sky, Jupiter, March The Night Sky In March | What To Photograph

5 times crop factor, camera sensor, so that’s like a dslr from nikon or in my case the zwo sio 71 mc pro i’ve picked targets from multitude of focal lengths all the way from wide to super deep. This is just to give you some ideas and maybe some inspiration let’s get going at […]

Jupiter, March, Sky Tonight's Sky: March

Music Orion with his shining belt still dominates the evening. Sky. Just past Orion’s raised arm lies the constellation of Gemini, also known as the twins. In Greek mythology, the Twins accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on their expedition in search of the Golden Fleece.. The brightest stars in Gemini mark the heads of the […]

Jupiter, March, Sky What to see in the night sky: March 2021

Mercury. Now mercury is in a poor position in the morning sky all month, long because the ecliptic, the plane of the solar system effectively has a really shallow angle with the eastern horizon at this time of year in the morning sky. Yes, now mercury is well it’s. Also, quite close to jupiter and […]

Jupiter, March, Sky Top Astronomical Events for the Month of March 2021 // Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction

. Now last february was quite an uneventful month, but march 2021 will give us some new, astronomical events for us to enjoy so every month. I do go into detail as to the upcoming astronomical events for the upcoming month. So if you don’t want to miss out on those new videos, please do […]