Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum Analise do Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ADA,DOGE,XRP, BNB,LINK,DOT- Melhor estratégia de repique!

Bitcoin. No entrou em sobre venda mais Olha isso, aqui, BNB gente TV sem grande movimento de alta e, a a essa foi, a primeira vez que a gente entra, a pena apesar de no ter fechado em sobrevivendo, a gente entrou botei alguns alarmes, o alarme tocou e l. No nosso grupo dos Tubares […]

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum /Bitcoin/Ethereum Is Dumping. Again. HOLD THE PRESSES!

No denying that fact. If anything goes down, like bnb has gone down. 25 people tend to get a little bit jittery if they don’t they’re lying to you. If uh bitcoin goes down 15 in 24 hours, people tend to get a bit jittery. If people don’t say theorem going down 21 in the […]

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum THEREUM GOING TO $700 OR PUMP TO $3,000!!!?? BITCOIN MASSIVE DROP INCOMING!!??

As you can see here, we had a bounce on top of it and then we crashed lower and we bounced on it at around. We went we wicked even below it, to like 15, 50 and so on. So let’s talk about what’s going to happen from here. What is up welcome to the […]

Floyd Mayweather, Infant, Yacht DJ Akademiks Compares Young Ma to Megan thee Stallion! & Response to Kodak Black Diss Track

Damn remember kodak said he would young man that needs a brave man. Alright, cool um yo. You made justice rumors about her dissident rumor bro. You know man, and this song i just put out – is no diss track, it’s, not a diss track. I don’t got ta diss to be. I just […]

Floyd Mayweather, Infant, Yacht BFB Da Packman Ft Lil Yachty & DDG – "Honey Pack" (Remix) Official Video REACTION!!! 🔥😱

We do reactions on there. You know i’m saying we just have little discussions with the subscribers. Sometimes i go on the discord and i talk to y’all. You feel me, so you guys want to be a part of that go ahead. Follow me on twitch tap in with twitch. You know i’m saying […]

Atmosphere of Mars NASA reveals new image of Perseverance Landing on Mars!

This is an image of the rover, perseverance slung beneath the descent stage, its propulsion backpack, as it is being lowered to the surface of mars. You can see the dust kicked up by the rover’s engines, we’re, probably about two meters or so above the surface of mars. We’Re still checking the timing of […]

Atmosphere of Mars Nasa’s Mars Perseverance rover reveals stunning first video and audio recording from Red Planet

Our current velocity is 450 meters per second at an altitude of about 12 kilometers. From the surface of mars, heat shield set, press advance has now slowed to subsonic speeds and the heat shield has been separated. This allows both the radar and the cameras to get their first look at the surface. Current […]

Atmosphere of Mars Watch Perseverance's landing video (and hear Mars for the first time)

In the final minutes, before landing, nasa control showed animations of the rover descending through the martian atmosphere, deploying its parachute and then finally, touching down. We even got to see the very first still images taken by perseverance on the martian surface. It took some time for video to get beamed back from mars, […]

Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield V Um #13 Força de Contra Ataque

No posso me informar aqui E, a o concurso E, a E, a que isso mano t O que isso que que houve, o sangue ter ficado assim to rpido eu no entendi, nada, agora, oh caraca, como que ficou to to destrudo assunto mochila, No entendi, oh caraca, Tu viu mano fica mais bolado, […]

Electronic Arts, DICE, Battlefield V Um Time Monstruoso 2!? BATTLEFIELD 1 2021

T errando Metade dos tiros, o carter, do Polentinha Polentinha no essa nova 75 Opa salve que eu t sem munio se esse caso vai soltar uma missozinha antes de morrer, eu ia, agradecer ele ele, no, no f, meu meu meu que isso vou pegar essa aqui t Bom pegava pega a arma s: […]