Space, Tropical cyclone, North Pole, Earth Climate Change: Gaia's Revenge | Prof Yoav Yair | TEDxIDCHerzliya

It used to be like this when i was a child, and i was always fascinated by lightning. I was looking at the west, those storm clouds dark coming in from the west and then boom lightning. Lightning always fascinated me so when in 1982 i started my education at tel aviv university studying geophysics, […]

Fitbit, Downtime 214: How Technology Addiction is hurting us

So you can be your happiest, healthiest and most abundant self. You ready here we go hey guys. I came across an article the other day and i had to share it with you, because i find all too often we are all addicted to technology, and so today i want to really talk about […]

Fitbit, Downtime What This? | Texas Snowmagedon 2021 | Weightloss Update

My name is natasha and i am on a health and fitness journey, um i’m trying to lose weight and documenting my journey on here um, so i haven’t posted in probably like two weeks. At this point, i think so, one of those weeks one and a half it was quite exciting, but not […]

Tropical cyclone, Space, North Pole, Earth Hurricane resembling those in lower atmosphere observed over Earth's polar ionosphere

My channel also press bell icon for future video notifications thanks the first observations of a space hurricane have been revealed in earth’s upper atmosphere, confirming their existence and shedding new light on the relationship between planets and space hurricanes in the earth’s. Low atmosphere are known, but they had never before been detected in […]

Tropical cyclone, Space, North Pole, Earth What If All The Clouds Disappeared Forever?

. But what? If, in the next minute poof, they all disappeared, That instant might shock onlooking astronauts on the space station., But someone who is say hiking in the desert. Wouldn’T know right away that things on Earth were about to get really bad. Within a few days, though, the first warning sign would […]

Tropical cyclone, Space, North Pole, Earth A 'space hurricane' hovered above the North Pole I| Itstomorrow news

Instead of raining water, the plasma hurricane released electrons, a team of researchers unveiled the results of the study that highlights of the first ever observation of a space hurricane in our planet’s upper atmosphere. Unlike the infamous cyclones that caused the havoc closer to the earth’s surface, the space hurricane was made up of […]

Yusaku Maezawa, SpaceX, Moon, Elon Musk, dearMoon project, Billionaire 【8 crew members wanted】dearMoon – Special Message from MZ & Elon

1012. 8, 2, 2023, x, 33, 1010, 2, 2, 2, 28, wash away for.

Yusaku Maezawa, SpaceX, Moon, Elon Musk, dearMoon project, Billionaire hip SN10 Fired Up – GO For Launch #3 | SpaceX in the News

A second crew member is named for dragon’s. First, completely commercial inspiration, 4 mission, starling gets its next launch date and the mars rover is our honorable mention again i’m kevin, and this is spacex in the news. So elon started off his week with some positive sunday vibes tweeting that there’s a good chance […]

Yusaku Maezawa, SpaceX, Moon, Elon Musk, dearMoon project, Billionaire Dear Moon

Ms lejano que hay un grado humano para lograr tal hazaa exprese ex est, preparando una star chip, una gigantesca nave que de momento ya ha conseguido, alzar el vuelo pero, no aterrizar de vuelta con xito y lo, ms tiene la certeza de que para finales de este Ao ya se realizarn vuelos orbitales […]

SolarWinds, Cyberattack, Computer security gressman Krishnamoorthi at Oversight Committee Hearing on the SolarWinds Breach

So my first question is to mr smith, mr smith, you gave an interview with 60 minutes recently and in that interview you said that essentially the supply chain tech attack was ongoing, uh, currently, Music. One question i have right out of the box is: are you aware of that of whether that malware […]