Review: Honeywell Home RCHT8612WF T5 Plus Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat with 7 Day Flexible

Now ive reviewed the t6 pro here now. This t5 has a few different features. A few less features i should say, and does everything else the t6 pro does. It is wi, fi enabled and its a very simple easy to use. Thermostat in this video well be breaking down the pros and cons […]

Dell Latitude 3420, Specs and Review

How it looks its an 14 inch laptop, its a beautiful black color laptop, and you can see the model its three four two zero and uh to the left. If we go, if you are going, then we can find one power, jack plus. You know the usb port, hdmi port plus the usb […]

Jabra Evolve 65T Review – Wireless Earbuds for Business

Review of the jabre evolve: 65t earbuds, Music theres, a ton of different brands and models of earbuds that you could potentially choose from when it comes to wireless earbuds. The job revolve 65t is going to be best for those of you who want a pair of earbuds thats, going to work good for […]

Anda Yakin Masih Mau Vivo T1 Pro?? Review

one Pro warna Turbo science, dari and boxnya sih gue, cukup, suka, yah, walaupun design, ebooks ini, biasa, aja, ternyata, isi box, itu Lengkap guys bahkan ini, udah, terlengkap, juga, sebenarnya, selain, udah, pakai, screen protector dan kabel, USB disini juga ada charger, an yang kenceng ada, free Chase, bahkan ada Jack audio adapter lengkap […]


Ah Langsung aja kita, masuk, kedalam, gamenya, ya, Jaya, Ok, guys sekarang, kita, sudah, memasuki, kedalam, gamenya, niscaya, bentar, Sony, Lupa, gua, Ini, oke, Ya, Geisha, Dan sekarang, itu, dari, milkshake, kita, turun, lima, chigga, itu, oke, Guys, Hello, guys, ya, aduh, ini, mah, pasti, langsung, kill, banyak sih, Guys Sombong amat sih mau gue, […]

Amazon eero Pro 6 WIFI Mesh Router System Unboxing Setup Review + Speed Test

I got ta tell you guys, im super excited recently. We got upgraded here in our area to att fiber, cable. So for eighty dollars a month i was able to get one gig up and one gig down speeds using att fiber, its probably the coolest thing to happen to us since the internet […]

Budget Phone na Panalo sa Specs at Mukhang Iphone 13 Pa! realme C35 Smartphone Review

So the usual kitana 10 on c35 is a yellow box. Nah, simply love it its always a sleeve thats welcoming us, hey welcome to the rimney family thanks, sleep management, sim, injector, pin user guides and angelica so well jump straight to the phone. So this is the real me see: 35. in terms […]

A High End Audiophile Headphones! Edifier Stax Spirit S3 Review!

Edifys latest high end headphones, and this is the first ever high end headphones developed under the stack spirits, lineup and im really looking forward to more headphones from this series in the future. So the stack spirit s3 is sent over to me for review by edifying malaysia and im so blessed to have […]

Asus ZenBook 14 OLED (2022) Review: Superb redesign! Better performance than M1 MacBook Air?

This is just incredible isnt it incredible. This is the 2022 asus zenbook 14 oled, and it is the most exciting zenbook that i have reviewed on the channel. Its got a whole new identity that does away with the spin effect that we have been seeing for many years while having a 16 by […]

Huawei Watch GT2 vs GT3 Review & Comparison | Huawei SmartWatch Best Gadget Ever | #MiXnSHORT

Polarities is made for the more active and sportier consumers. The bezels have numbers minutes on them which set it apart from the huawei watch series size wise, the one of the huawei watch gt2. However, if you want something a little bigger, huawei watch, gt3 is a better choice in terms of quality of […]