Asus Zenfone 6 – ULTIMATE Rotating Camera Smartphone.

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Unboxing and Review of the Asus Zenfone 6 – A test of the Zenfone 6 rotating camera, battery, specs, and gaming / benchmarks!

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Comment (57)

    1. +Roc probably doing it already they already listening to our calls have access to to our GPS locations or triangulated from phone masts

    1. That’s really good for macro shots when you are at a weird angle and can’t directly look down on the phone screen.

    1. I’m still using ZenFone 2 deluxe and never had any issue . It’s been 4 & half years and still running like a charm.

    2. Lol you didn’t saw Nubia red magic 3 I guess … It scores 400k on antutu … With little more better spec and lower price

  1. *Asus Zenfone 6 stole Oneplus 7 pro’s thunder in a day* 😂😂😂😂😂

    What a phone with a great price..!! 😍😍😍

    1. +Zaid gul Khan Its not fanboying. Oneplus 7 pro is just a more flashy phone than this. And so far mrwhosetheboss is the only big youtube who has made a video on this phone.

    2. +Buttfrags cause oneplus paid them its simple as that, although if you compare the prices zf6 stands out. Even zf5z was underrated, 5z still better than 6t and 7(apart from sd855)

    3. +Generic Name lol one plus are disgusting…my 6t display burned ..and service centre changed me 19k

    1. American companies invest in technology, chinese companies steal the technology. Asus’s R&D numbers are practically nothing due to all the intellectual property stolen from American companies. So we spend billions developing something and need to pay for that and make a profit. China steals it and only needs to cover reverse engineering and manufacturing costs.

  2. Wow, Asus is getting veeeery serious in the smartphone territory holy… THAT CAMERA setup blow me away and the price !!!?? And NO telephoto (useless*) camera, nice 😁😂, I didn’t like Asus phones back on the day because software but they are getting closer to a more cleaner Android, very impressed ! Also that 4k 60 fps recording is nuts

    1. Just a sec, but can you explain me why a telephoto camera is useless? Because I am looking for a new phone and would prefer one with a telephoto, but actually I never used a camera with super wide angle or telephoto…so I am not quite certain which is more important.

    2. +Sams Kleibrok Simple, you don’t have the need to get portrait photos, you can do more things with a wide angle lens, also is just a X2 zoom and sometimes is not even enough, I prefer to do digital zoom, is just my opinion but this thing about portrait photos is getting smashed with the phones who have wide angle lens in 2019

    3. +Record It ! Is just my opinion, I used the telephoto lens twice a year and I’m not even joking, the portrait thing is soooo dumb, you’re wasting space and money, But hey, is my opinion :——-), wide angle lens is better or just get a Google pixel and you’re welcome

    4. +Yggr Okey thank you for the quick answer, but I wouldn’t make potrait photos with telephote lens. I would use the Zoom in landscape and I am considering to buy the mate 20 pro which has a 3x optical zoom and a 5x lossless Zomm.
      I guess it depends on the place where I am taking photos. In a small room (or when taking selfies) a wide angle is benifical, but when taking landscape photos a proper Zoom is probably more effective.

    1. Not to mention a much better selfie camera with flash. Just a few days ago I used my phones front facing cam and flash as a mirror to look behind something my head wouldn’t fit in. Super handy. This seems like a 100% better design than 1+7 pro’s bezel-less implementation.

  3. This Is The Phone of 2019, Period. Bezelless screen, interesting camera, good UI, big battery and cheaper than any other flagships out there. Great Job Asus!!


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