Artlii M18 – Native 1080P – Projector – My Eyes Can’t Believe Its Only $250!

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【NATIVE 1080P FULL HD RESOLUTION】With native resolution of 1920*1080 and contrast ratio of 5000:1, the Artlii M18 brings 3 times of more details than 720P projectors, delivering impeccable image quality for professional use.
【+80% BRIGHTER THAN OTHERS】Featuring 4000 lux of brightness, this M18 projector provides a display up to 300" in size, great performance even in well-lit spaces, and ideal contrast for business presentations.
【ULTRA LONG-LASTING LAMP】With long-lasting lamps, this M18 full HD projector lasts for over 10 years of daily use (2-3 hours per session)
【VERSATILE DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY】The M18 has two HDMI ports, including one premium audio, allow users to project full HD presentations from laptops, smartphones and streaming devices.

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  1. Wow, just AMAZIN’. I am considering buying this even though I am not in the market for a projector lol.

  2. Hey , are your u I’m Facebook review group ? They give free items for review . I got a vivibright f30 free , it is also native 1080 and has stereo speaker very good bass . But it has 4500 lumens

  3. Once again, false advertising and a reviewer that doesn’t know what he is talking about. There is no way this is a 4500 lumen projector! You need to learn how to measure lumens so you can expose these frauds instead of enabling them! You will never see more than 800 lumens on an LED projector! I have found so many false claims on Amazon and E-Bay, claiming ridiculous amounts of lumens on these projectors. Why do you think you had to turn the lights out? If this unit had 4000 lumens, you would be squinting even with all the room lights on! Stop perpetuating the lies! I’m not even sure I buy the 1080p claim either. I suspect they simply took an Android tablet, removed the backing from the LCD display and put an LED flash light behind it and a cheap lens in front of it. Buyer beware!


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