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AMAZFIT تيره معدل ضربات القلب الرياضة سمارتواتش العالمية الخامس.. لنا $79.99 جيربيست اشتر الآن
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I think it looks really cool and you've got a picture of what the watch looks like once you get into it. It has NFC heart rate monitoring a 570 milliamp hour battery. You can track your workouts, it is waterproof too, so you can go swimming with it and of course it perfectly connects to the me Internet of Things if you've got any other Xiaomi smart products, it's gon na go perfectly with those and link up nicely. Xiaomi do include a charging, brick it's, USB lots of instructions on those papers, but they do come on the watch and in the app to you place the watch inside or on top of this to charge it Xiaomi say the battery should last about 10 إلى 14 Days but obviously that is going to vary with your own usage on the right hand, side you get the crown and also the onoff button on the bottom there. On the left hand, side there is that speaker, because you can play music or watch movies directly on the device. Xiaomi have gone for this square design, and I know a lot of people said wow. This does look like the Apple watch, but there isn't really too much. You can do with a watch to make it look different, but Xiaomi said they went with the rectangular design, because that screen design is better for watching and consuming content. The crown definitely feels really premium, I must admit I think Xiaomi have used some premium materials making this the watch strap.

Has this good design where it does Bend around? So even if you have smaller wrists, it is going to fit quite snug. I think this will fit most people's wrists, whether it's, bigger or smaller. The operating system is me UI for watch, but of course it is based on Android wear OS by Google. You have to download the app and get everything set up. Just a word of warning. If you do have an iPhoneand you want this watch, it doesn't support iOS, but if you have an iPhone you're, probably gon na go for an Apple watch anyway. The setup process took me about five minutes. It'S very simple: just follow the instructions. I'M sure Xiaomi will offer a lot more watch faces going forward. You can add payment cards because you can, with NFC using this watch, and this screen shows all the things that you can say to the smart assistant that it will give you information on like whether, على سبيل المثال, it's an always on screen and it's very responsive. When you lift your wrist up, you can change the settings to come on and off a bit quicker or save battery depending on your preferences, and there are lots of options within the watch. You can swipe up down left and right and there are different options and menus depending on that. Quite a cool option that I did find is that you can actually call your phone once you've linked it up.

So I linked it up with my xiaomi me9 and, كما يمكنك ان تري, it just rings the phone that's a good feature in case you of the misplace, الهاتف الخاص بك. You can get the fitness options if you swipe from the right. It can also monitor your heart rate too. It can track a lot of workouts and, بالطبع, because this is internet connected with an e sim. You can use GPS to track your workouts to on this watch face. There are also some shortcuts that can get you into the fitness options, including the heart rate monitoring. This is telling me that I'm alive, I don't, know if 74 is a good or bad number. If you go further into the menus, there are literally a ton of different apps that you can put on the device. Wechat is really important in China. Obviously you can download everything. That'S compatible and QQ. Music is obviously really important here too, because there's a nice iam, you can listen to music on your workouts without having to bring your phone. This is not a cheap watch, though it's actually 12.99 in China, which of course is cheaper than the Apple watch, but it is a fully fledged and functioning SmartWatch. If you're in the Shamy ecosystem, you've got a shammy SmartWatch. This is gon na, be a perfect accompaniment to that it looks good.

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