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الصفحة الرئيسية أقراص كيف إلى بحيرة أبولو مزدوج سعة ازبوك "بسرعة قدم الطائر" 3 برو V3

كيف إلى بحيرة أبولو مزدوج سعة ازبوك "بسرعة قدم الطائر" 3 برو V3

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    1. Ddi you try and format the SSD in Windows first? (Boot the eMMC with the SSD plugged in) Make sure you format it in Windows disk management or even use Fdisk and make sure it’s online. Another user fixed it this way and also one tried a different brand of SSD and it worked for them. So I’m not sure it’s the bios update.

    2. The problem is its not even detected in disk management, diskpart, msinfo32 etc. Not keen on getting another brand since I’ve tested this ssd on another laptop with the same m.2 sata slot and it works fine, so doubt its the ssd, unless someone else with this bios can make it work. أيضا, the ssd does feel warm when touched, not sure what that means.

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