Alldocube Kbook – The Laptop With A 13.5″ Surface Book Screen

The Alldocube Kbook is a downgraded Thinker i35. Core M3-6Y30 CPU, 8GB of RAM, Type-C, 512GB SSD and the amazing 13.5" Surface Book screen remains. But one key feature was also removed… Where to buy:

01:10 – Charger & weight
02:42 – Ports
03:00 – Bios
04:43 – Screen & Type-C
05:32 – Windows & Benchmarks
07:21 – Internals
10:18 – Linux
10:32 – Keyboard & TP
11:29 – Final words + Pros & Cons

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Comment (28)

  1. After all these years, it struck me just now.
    You look like a manlier and tougher brother of Linus Sebastian from Linus Tech Tips.

  2. the “logo” has the most minimalistic design i saw in 2019. Just ALLDOCUBE. Who needs fancy fonts, right? 😂😂

  3. I am watching this video from that THINKER i35 … with 8 GB and 256 GB from last year.
    Works great and even keyboard and touchpad are quite good, except 1 tiny point:

    a “coil” noise while charging from the area around the delete key or right middle keyboard

    I am still happy except this USB type C thing cause the hub I got works with hdmi but needs usb type C Power to work … and therefore it does not power the laptop during USB hdmi out usage.
    If i unplug the USB type hub and insert the type C plug from the charger directly into that usb type port on the thinker then it will be charged. And this is a 60 W power supply I use so that should do the trick for usb type C hub and for charging the thinker.

    So you need 2 power supplies if you like to work with hdmi out and charge which means using the delivered power plug (use a tiny round plug) and the power supply for the usb type C charger

    Thinker i 35 is a good machine except a few flaws that might occure (coil noise) or do not bother you (if you do not use hdmi out). Unfortunatelly at least the thinker i35 is rarely available and if in tiny amounts for minutes at leat at gearbest and banggood cause I recommended this machine to most all users that had asked. We got just 3 machines since single day 2018 …

  4. Bad decision by Alldocube. The thinker i35 is still a better laptop. My thinker i35 is still healthy even after 1.5 years. Instead of upgrading, they downgrade.

  5. it’s a Shame there’s no touch. & the battery life could be much better.it seems like each one of these Chinese laptops seem to leave something out. But thanks for the great review as always!!

  6. my thinker i35 have problem with the touchscreen. when i charge it with the type c port there will be ghost input on the touchscreen from time to time. not always. i guess the problem is not the touchscreen but more on the motherboard side of thing. some leak charge or so, when charging with usb-c port. that could be the problem want to avoid by disabling touchscreen now with this model.

  7. Where are those N4200 and N5000 or even Ryzen Embedded device that AllDoCube showcase a little while ago? This is clearly not the one we’re expecting.

  8. Hey man great video again ! Hope you doing well . Will you have chance to make review on galaxy tab s6 anytime soon ? Thank you


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