AliExpress Core i7 8750H Mini PC – Is It Any Good?

Powerful Six-Core barebone i7 8750H mini PC review bought from Aliexpress. With 2 x NVMe SSD slots, 2 x SODIMM for RAM, 2.5" drive support and replaceable wireless card. But is it good? Got it here:

Video index:

00:55 – Unboxing
02:13 – Build & Design
03:52 – Internals
05:23 – Bios
05:40 – Benchmarks & performance
10:30 – Gaming
13:19 – Fan noise
13:48 – External temps
14:21 – Recap with Pros & Cons

Core i7 8750H CPU – Six cores max 4.1Ghz turbo
Two SODIMM slots (DDR4)
NVMe 2280 slot and NVMe/SATA3 2280 Slot
2.5" SSD/HDD bay
Upgradeable mini PCIe card for Wireless/BT
USB 3.0 x 4, Type-C
Fan cooler (very quiet)
Mini DisplayPort
No Thunderbolt 3! 🙁
This little PC can get 1200+ Cinebench R15 CPU scores!

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Comment (37)

    1. +Heraldo Jones As long as you use a lower end card that doesn’t need a higher speed connection, there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference in games.

  1. one of the honest youtuber present in tech world, and offcourse my favourite, sir , will you review upcoming vivo v15 pro

  2. I’d love that companies start to make mini PC with ryzen apus, that really will mean mini PCs as “entry level” gaming PC

  3. Great review. I run a Nano PC and would never go back to a full size PC. Of course I don’t game, just use it for basic productivity and yes, even video editing.

  4. I bought this 2 months ago.. I replaced the thermal paste with liquid metal, and change the wireless card to AC9260.. and it become a beast and super quiet

    1. Did the repaste help with thermals much? So far don’t really see the need. But it really surprised me, so quite! I’ll put in a 9260 for gigabit Wifi and BT 5 soon.

  5. Thank you for the review, I really want one to make a hackintosh out of it, but the lack of thunderbolt prevent it from truely become a Mac mini 2018 replacement.

  6. One thing also is in the bios it can be set to auto power on in the event of losing power. So a remote switch and good for server use I feel.

  7. They can make some mini pc with GPU like the old Alienware alpha series , I really need one to put in the place of my old alpha 2


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