Aiptek iBeamBLOCK Projector- Stackable Projection System with Tablet, Projector and Battery ! [4K]

The best portable beamer 2016 ? This Lego Beamer system aka the Aiptek iBeamBLOCK looks really fancy!
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At this year´s Gadget Show, Aiptek will present a modular beamer system named „iBeamBlock“. With it, the customer can individually configure and even stick together his desired projector by himself. For example, using the flexible do-it-yourself-beamer the user can choose if an integrated battery for mobile usage or an Android or Windows-Tablet as control unit should be included.

The single components are stacked together cordless like Lego bricks and the movie or the presentation can start immediately. To guarantee that all parts stay in place, Aiptek integrated magnets and pogo-pins between the blocks. Therefore, the self-stacked projector can be changed later on. In this way, the „iBeamBlock“ always meets customer requirements. Other components, which make the beamer system even more flexible, are planned by Aiptek.

Moreover, in hall 2, stand D39, the ultra-light and space saving Wi-Fi pico projector Aiptek „MobileCinema i70“ is presented. With a weight of only 135 g and dimensions of 85 x 85 x 17 mm it offers RGB-LEDs with DLP technology, WLAN, 70 lumen of brightness and an integrated power bank to charge connected end devices. The connection is made via Apple Airplay, Android Miracast (Screen Mirroring) or a classic HDMI cable. The compact quadrat comes in a classy metal housing and is on sale at a SRP of 329 Euros at the end of March.

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  1. I try it but I font like it !
    Because the touch screen too small and the windows 10 is very very very slow 😭😭😭.


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