Activeon CX First Look + Interview @ IFA 2015 – Another GoPro Killer ?

The ACTIVEON CX Action Camera Camcorder records Full HD resolution at 30fps. It features a CMOS sensor, F/2.4 bright glass lens and a two-inch color LCD screen. The ACTIVEON CX Action Camera also features built-in WiFi and is waterproof up to 196 feet.

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ACTIVEON CX Action Camera Camcorder:
4MP CMOS image sensor delivers high-resolution video with excellent color and precision detail
2.0" touchscreen LCD allows you to shoot and review your footage on a bright screen that can even be seen in direct sunlight

Additional Features:
Interfaces: microHDMI, USB
Movie Resolution: 1080p
Photo Resolution: 5MP
F/2.4 bright glass lens
Built-in WiFi
Live View thru smartphone with app

Memory Card Specifications:
Compatible with microSDHC/SDXC memory cards
Limited/No internal memoery — memory card is required to operate
1 microSDHC/SDXC slot (up to 32GB)

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  1. I got my cx and i mounted it to my brushless traxxas stampede and it flew off and the camera hot the ground and now it has 2 thrue cracks, AND THEY DONT SELL SEPERATE WATERPROOF HOUSINGS!!!!!!!

    1. Murrey _ YT My clip cracked on the case and they replaced the entire case with no questions asked, maybe you should contact them like I did.

  2. I have noth the CX and Gold…. I have found that the CX CAN be connected to a FPV tx to be watched on a screen but NOT the Gold.

  3. I also would like to add, that I wished it came with more accessories because this camera is not the same size as most GOpro like camera, and therefore accessories are not interchangeable. If it at lease came with a skeleton frame with top and botton 1/4 20 threads so you could mount it right side up….Overall it’s a decent 1080P camera and maybe better than most in it’s price range.


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