So here it goes Music Music. So what we have here is a smart egg pro from a company called ico, and i actually backed this project because mainly ive been using logitech harmony hub for many years. Dont get me wrong its really good, but sometimes if i were to command google assistant to turn off my tv, it will take up to a minute, and one of the biggest downside of using the logitech harmony hub is that it doesnt have the right frequency. For my ruroc speaker that i use for my tv down there, i mean its a brilliant speaker, but unfortunately, in a scenario where i would wake up, walk into my living room and try to turn on the tv. I have to manually turn on the speaker, which is becoming a nuisance for many many years, so i just thought that ico would be a perfect device to replace that. I hope it has the right frequency, because this is actually for one app for all remote control. It might be the same as logitech harmony, huh well see, but anyway, this could also be used for customized scenes and bluetooth mesh networking. It has ifttt for amazon, alexa and google home and etc, which is very good automation and scheduled event and hassle free to work anywhere and etc. It also has infrared of eight men, sorry, eight meters and also a bluetooth of 5.1, which is decent enough. So good point is that this is one of the latest um smart home device, infrared remote control, so i hope this will be better than the logitech harmony hub anyhow lets get into the unboxing.

So here it goes. Okay, so lets get into the unboxing of this. So use the knife thats a smooth cut. You see what i mean well done, so ah weve got this beautiful egg here and quite rightly, the package is that, on the top we got the thats all right, actually thats, a really good quality, usbc cable, with the flat finish, which is very good. You know if you get a regular shape, it gets worn out, and this is just a pretty standard – usbc charging dock with a rubber grip. So it hardly moves so thats how you connect it and the actual product itself ive been given a white color, but it seems to have a bit of a gray tint on it for some reason, but um its a simple minimalistic product with a logo and the Reset button on the bottom and thats pretty much it so if we were to put it on the charging dock, you can see that its actually blinking with blue asking for the connection so lets get into the setup. So here it goes right. So the ico, smart, remote control app, is all installed. So if i were to open its actually asking for tap to configure okay, since android 6.0 system requires location permission, okay, yeah, while using the app of course and tap to configure the device um so power on off is searching. So i think i need to register this for the bluetooth right, so i think its that plus button okay – oh here it is so lets um next and then looking for the smart, a pro okay, it says setting up activated successfully, so that was pretty um straightforward.

I think living room, so i think thats, all the pre um existing setup that i did with the harmony hub, but also, i need to add the charging dock as well. Uh, please power the charging dock with usb cable. Okay ill! Do that now? Okay, so its charging – and you can see the green light flashing with the red on around the small egg, so lets press next connect to the dock, activate it successfully brilliant. So you can see the blink of the red okay, so thats all connected lets actually add the remote um. So you need to search for the device. Lets, try ruach, shall we? No. There is no rock here, which is a big letdown for me, unfortunately, but nonetheless, what what you can do is theres tv, aircon, cable, dit. All these device projector fan even okay. This is the camera light screen and air purifier and et cetera. You could actually add, but as long as its actually under their software system right so on the scene, you could actually add the scene with the test. Im, not 100 sure what this is for. But i guess you can actually this with your smart, smart lights and on the remote control you can add the remote again by using finding the brand and etc on the smart side. You could actually use the timer to set up the timing for triggering some of the device and also the automation as well so thats, pretty much it for the actual controlling so gladly.

If i were to press on the amp tuner or something like that, um and then if i cant, find anything that im looking for theres theres a notification saying that kind cant find the brand, so you just clone the actual thing. So i got the ruac remote control here, so lets see whether its going to work, the instruction says um, you know: do it like about a few centimeters away, its 10 millimeters? Okay, so im doing it really close uh. I dont know where the actual projectile of the lights coming in, but i really hope it will clone it come on. You can do it its actually turning off on my um speaker, but it doesnt seem to be copying the infrared for this device. Unfortunately, another bit of a letdown is that when i go to the cleaning robot, i cannot find a xiaomi product at all. I think they still need to do a bit of an upgrade on this um. They seem to have their own robot cleaner brand. So i im sure theyre doing quite well with their own business, but if you cant find the brand, you have to clone your remote control, but i believe our remote um, the robot, cleaner doesnt, actually have a remote control. To be honest with you, i know many of you are going to think this is quite difficult, but let me show you how its done so you go to google home and then you press, uh setup device and then works with google and then what you need To do is type in the smart egg and then you see the logo with a small egg on, so you need to link up the small egg account so link it up.

So i had this ico smart egg pro for a few weeks now and initially again, i was hoping that it was able to. It will be able to read the radio frequency uh for my rua r7 remote control, but unfortunately it didnt its not a surprise. I was, it was just a tiny hope that i uh that could have improved my life by verbally commanding speaker to turn on and off and etc, but it didnt work unfortunately, but the biggest downside is the ifttt function, which i could not log in to connect To my smart egg pro it is there, but it just cant be connected so thats why i was waiting for a few weeks to be able to uh be you know, the updates will be able to link it up, but still its not happening at the moment. In other words, at the moment, what you can use ico is you: you can use your smartphone as your multi um multi remote control function, so you need to log into the ico app and then youll see other different remote control devices in the screen and youll Be able to do it, but the beauty about harmony hub, which happened about four or five years ago, is that you use google assistant linking it up to ifttt to be able to verbally command your tv or your smartphone or your sorry, smart home device to be Functioning, in other words, ifttt. Those who dont know is if this, and that, in other words, um, if i say to google assistant, then google assistant will link it up with another smart home device to make such thing works.

For example, our robot cleaner or our tv harmony hub will actually trigger. Basically, the robot, cleaner or the tv and etc, but ico is smart. Egg is supposed to do that, but you just cant um be linked up or be connected and even the package itself. It says these. It supports ifttt, but at the moment it doesnt so thats a bit of a letdown but overall my conclusion: is it doesnt um it the maximum if the ifttt works, the maximum capacity at the moment is same as logitech harmony hub or maybe less because logic, logistic Common hub is very well known, and logitech is a big firm and i think ico compared to logitech is a smaller firm. But i have actually briefly gone through. It seems that the software or the remote control uh knowledge that they have is less than what logitech harmony hub has so the best what you can achieve at this stage is unfortunately, because ifttt doesnt work for me, its less of a function that i could use. Uh compared to the logitech harmony hub is only through logging into my smart smartphone, using the app and swiping on the screen, but for the verve command to say turn on the tv and turn off tv. It doesnt work because of the ifttt doesnt work. So, im im kind of disappointed. Actually, i hope at least ico will update or maybe tell me how i could link it up with uh the ifttt of what they promised, but at the moment it is turning out to be quite a disappointment.

I mean overall, the build construction side or details or whatever you want to say its nice and neat um, but its more down to the software. Actually, the presentation is good, but the software needs to be vastly improved and one day i hope i could find a device that could read the radio frequency or a software provider who can provide the ways of turning on and off with my ruak or any of The radio frequency based remote control that would be really appreciated. So anyhow, i hope this video helped. You understand the reality of the ico, smart egg. Pro again, my final word is the best that it could achieve would be the same level as logitech harmony hub. But if you defer to my opinion, if you think im being too mean, please do comment below and ill be more than happy to discuss with further matters. Thank you very much for watching this video. This is ljp tech.