I decided to try out this case just because of its unique look. As well as the fact that it can double as a stand – and it also has the ability to stick to things like refrigerators and metal doors, and it also has a place for the apple pencil – this is something that the smart, folio from apple does not have, And at the price of under 20 it is a lot more affordable compared to the sixty dollar price mark of apples, smart folio. So with that being said, i wanted to try this out so im gon na go ahead and do a full review of it. Starting off with the installation of the case, everything was straightforward and simple. I made sure to put the button side in first and then went around the corners and edges pressed everything in place. The case itself is kind of a soft, hard plastic, so theres a little bit of extra flex to it and made installing it really easy and the slot for the apple pencil works. Great. The overall fitment of this case is really nice. I found that all the cutouts were in the right place, as well as the buttons feel solid for the up down volume and theres plenty of room for the touch id. I also like that by opening and closing the front of this case, it turns on and off the ipad, and i like that, theres enough room in between the screen and the front of the case that i can actually put a microfiber cleaning cloth and store it.

There, when im not using the ipad, i was worried initially that the way that this folds, that would be an issue with protecting the actual screen, but i think, as long as everything is closed properly, it actually does a really good job and its pretty rigid. I wouldnt say this is the most protection. If you are going to be using this case to do a lot of traveling, you might look into something with a little bit more protection, but for the everyday user. I would think this is definitely plenty of protection. One other concern that i had was if it would be compatible with the paper like screen protector that i installed on my ipad, mini and other screen protectors, and this screen protector seems to have very little issue with that. As the actual case, doesnt really overlap on the screen, much and other cases is usually to have. This problem overlap a little bit more and end up peeling up the screen protector, which i didnt have any issues with this and keep in mind. This is a paper like that i cut down on my own and i kind of custom cut down, but this should not be a problem from any screen protector from any company as long as its not installed over the edge of the screen, and i really like How the front of the case opens up and transforms into a stand really fast and when the magnetic pieces, snap together, it makes kind of a satisfying sound.

The case does a really good job at staying in place with the built in stand, whether its in the horizontal or the portrait mode, even in the upright or portrait mode. I was able to draw on and take notes on the ipad and it did stay in place really well. However, there is a decent amount of flex that i found when i was writing using in this mode. It was good enough for drawing on on the go, although if you are doing a lot of drawing with an ipad of any sort, i definitely recommend getting a standalone adjustable stand that allows you to get the exact angle that makes it the best specifically for you, For drawing as well as the best viewing angle, but for the most part on the go and just being able to have a standard double function, i think this is perfect for drawing on the go as well as watching content like youtube or watching a video in Either the landscape or the horizontal mode, this is also a really good angle for making zoom or facetime video calls. I also really like that the apple pencil slot is really secure and theres no issues with it charging or pairing to the ipad itself. At first i was a little hesitant to try out the magnetic feature of this case. Ive, never really stuck any of my expensive electronics to my refrigerator. So this was a little bit weird for me, but sure enough.

It definitely sticks to the refrigerator and enough so that it was almost hard to get the ipad pencil off. Once i had everything out, it was really easy to take notes and watch videos on here. I could definitely see watching how to make something or a recipe, or even drawing while im, making something or watching a video and can even use it to take notes on what i need from the store. After trying this out with the case on, i wanted to try this with just the ipad by itself, see if it would stick up on the refrigerator, and i found out really quick that it does not have enough magnetic power. Its also too smooth to stick up by itself, but that being said, i feel pretty confident with the case being up there. It holds itself up as well as the ipad pretty well. Overall, i found that this case does everything that it says its supposed to do. Really well, my only minor complaints or negatives with the case is that the front of the case does have a tendency to shift around left and right just enough that if it was in a book bag and something press on it, i could see it maybe causing Damage to the screen, that being said, i dont really plan on using this ipad in a spook bag at all, but i could see, especially with it being a heavier case. Somebody using it like that and i dont think it gives as much protection as some of the heavier duty or cases, especially for how much it weighs considering it weighs almost as much as the ipad.

That being said, the ipad mini is very light at just over 10 ounces. The case itself weighs a little over 8 ounces and when you combine them together, its almost double the weight. But overall i really like this case, and i would definitely recommend it. If you do have any other questions, let me know in the comments below thanks so much for watching. I hope this video was helpful if it was make sure to give it a thumbs up.