Whether it is a gadget review or the technology explanation – and this is still in the series of the old gadget reviews and the gadget that i want to share with you or explain to you or review it to you – is this one. This is nokia 215, so maybe you will never see this one again because everybody moved to the smartphone, but one thing is that i still using it until now, so it is still on. You could see it here and it already has the camera here and it used the micro usb sd um charging port, and i think i better to read it online for the specification of it, because i cant check it inside of this phone. So the nokia 215 using the technology of gsm, it is not yet to um what using the 3g or the 4g or the 5g. So it is still the very very old technology thats why this gadget includes included in this series and its actually released on the may 2015 um, but now its already discontinued, i actually buy this one before, for i think um changing or um as the backup. For my older phones, the nokia, i forget the type of the nokia that i had before, but its already gone and that and whatever you will call it that is already deceased and this one is actually already discontinued and the dimension is 2.4 inches. But uh. It used the tft 256k color, so it is not the um amoled or led and its the size of 2.

4 inches and the screen to body ratio is 31 and for the resolution it only has the 240 times 320, so its not even hd at all. So its under the 48 or you can call it the 320 p or some people call it a 3gp. The ratio here is the 4 4 third ratio with the 166 ppi density, um yeah. Actually, you dont need the very good display for this type of phone and it actually has the micro sd dedicated slot, so i will open it the back of it. So this is the type that you can remove the battery okay. So, as you can see here, this is the slot for the micro sdhc um for phone book. It has 1 000 entry, it could record your call and the internal is eight megabyte of ram. Maybe it sounds very little, but you dont need a big ram for our big processor for uh the function phone like this and the main camera. It actually has a camera here. I will put again the back cover of it, so it has single vga and it could record 240p videos with 15 fps. So its really bad compared to the know this camera, but when we compare it to the um before smartphone come to our world is actually function, um pretty good. At that era, it doesnt have the selfie camera. It could use the load speaker and 3.5 millimeter jack for connecting the headphone and also um.

It doesnt have the w lan. It has the bluetooth 3.0. Actually uh, it has the it. Doesnt have the gps nfc, but it has radio, the stereo fm radio and it using the micro usb or the usb type b, and it could send an sms, an mms and also it has games. It derives the java, the programming language, so it could play the mp3 player or the mp4 and h.264 actually, and it is the predictive text input for english. The battery is li ion 1100 mah and it could be removable like i showed you before. It actually sounds like uh, it has a very low battery capacity, but actually, with this function phone i mean its, not a smartphone um. It could stand by up to 696 hours, so you dont need to charge it even for a week and for the color its. I have the white here it also available in black and green, and the price is about 30 euro, but i actually forget uh how much or what price i buy this nokia, but it actually already discontinued. So maybe people will not buy this anymore and thats. It thats the review of the nokia 215, the phone older phone, that maybe you will never see the game in the new world, because people already using smartphone, even if its children and thanks for watching. Please subscribe to my channel to help me reach 1k and like thumbs up if you like it thumbs down, if you dislike it and share it to the people who also a music enthusiast or a technology enthusiast, my name is rar and see you next time.