So, as some of you may know, the gadget discovery club service is a service subscription box. So basically you get a new tech or gadget each month or each quarter. I was subscribed to it thanks to my sister and she bought it via groupon. It was a deal on groupon where you could get three months for a certain price and they would send you a product for three months so month. One two and three: you get a product then, after that i had to start paying. If i wanted to continue it – and i just cancelled it before that – but it was a cool gift and a cool experience. So, of course, price is a big factor when youre going to purchase things or consider, subscribing to things etc. Well, this is a kind of a price service, as some of you may have guessed. It depends on the plan or the deal where you get it, but if you go to their website, you pay between 90 and 120 dollars a month per box, thats quite a bit in my opinion as well see, but you can get it for cheaper deals elsewhere, Like on groupon, like my sister did, which is really cool, and even that is still a little pricey, but its a great gift. So anyway, that is the price you can either pay annually or up front theres, not a monthly thing. The service automatically renews. I think if you dont cancel the plan so its like your magazine or like an app subscription, music, streaming, etc.

So dont forget to unsubscribe, if youre planning on doing that or something because that could get expensive. But anyway, like i said they send you a gadget or tech item for the price of 90 to 120 dollars a month, thats what it comes out to per box when you sign up itll, ask you is this for yourself or is this for a friend and You pick and then ask you if youre tech, savvy a little tech savvy and not tech savvy, basically, and so it gives you them an idea of what to give you. I guess you also pick what country youre from us uk, canada. I dont know why. Its not available to other countries yet, but it isnt and then, of course, like i said it talks about the pricing and you pick about that. Well, anyway, the science process is pretty simple. You just put in payment information. Those first few questions contact information, address things like that things standard with setting up an account or subscription. Well, anyway, all you do after that is wait either its um given to you quarterly, like every four months or its given to you monthly, depending on the plan mine was monthly well anyway, what youll get in the mail is a box, something like this. It will come in plastic, packaging or an envelope, so you wont actually see this box its just a plastic thing. You open, like an envelope, really loose kind of like a bag almost and has a flap thats stuck adhesively that you pull off anyway, pretty simple, but anyway, this is what youll get after that now.

This looks pretty good nice design, nice opening lid. However, it may be partly because of the mail service, but nonetheless look at these boxes. These were my other boxes. I received this ones pretty beat up and maybe thanks to the usps, but it shows these boxes are easily damaged, so it kind of hurts the effect of getting a present each month from someone you love and its kind of beat up thats disappointing a little bit. Obviously, its not likely to hurt the thing inside necessarily, i think they should come in an outer box like a box and then this box inside of it, like many things on amazon, do target whatever all the major platforms. I know it must be cheaper to ship. It in a bag, but it doesnt work out so good as you can see, damaged, boxes, damage boxes and some of the gadgets may get damaged. You never know that is disappointing. It looks like you guys should have an outer box around it and some packaging because they do get beat up, but anyway, after that, after you get the plastic wrapping off, you get this box and you get a nice reveal its a pull up. Lid and theres. Just a box inside of another box, its a little anticlimactic, its still a cool experience. You have a surprise, you dont know what youre gon na get but, like i said its a little anticlimactic theres, just a written box situated around them.

There no packaging – and it just says, experience a level and some other social media stuff, but its a little anti climactic um. I think they could take some lessons from apple and to get the true unboxing experience, since this is a subscription service, um and its a mystery box. So that would be nice work on the packaging of shipping it and work on the packaging for opening. That would be my advice to you guys at gadget, discovery club, but anyway, youre wondering what did i actually get well. The first month i got this speaker and its a small little speaker, obviously theres a lot of those on the market. Now, obviously, the quality of the product is the most important thing, because there are a lot of small speakers out there, so that doesnt really say much, but it looks cool the packaging is fairly. Nice has a suction lid like apple stuff, so thats pretty cool. So, overall, the packaging is pretty good. They have details on the back side on the front. It doesnt really tell you much except thats, a small speaker and ill show you in a second what the actual speaker looks like, but you get a cord here. The speakers there you get a lanyard and theres the actual instruction label like i said. Obviously the products will vary on the person and subscription, but these are what i got and what you may get. This is the speaker right here, its really grown on me.

Quite a bit its really high quality, the metal and it doesnt just feel super light and cheap, its high quality feeling, metal, rubber base or plastic base, and this nice quality lanyard, and i like this, the sound quality isnt bad too. However, i had had a little trouble with using the speaker like it works, fine, but then, just recently i was trying to turn it off and it got stuck in some mode or something. Maybe if i look at instructions that will help, maybe the reason why i got stuck in that mode is because theres only one button for simplicity and that button turns it off and on and its also you can answer phone calls and stuff. So i might have put it in a different mode or something, but i wasnt able to turn it off so thats kind of worrisome and i dont know whats happening. I dont think that should happen, but a quick look at the manual may solve some problems, but overall, pretty good, sound quality. If you want to see the product review of this, you can check out the video ill put a link in the description and for another mystery box. I got a wireless charger and once again, packaging is pretty nice. It has a suction lid. It has details on the back of the box thats what it looks like on the inside ill show you the wireless charger now and once again, this is another high quality feeling device.

Very high quality metal has like a fake fabric front or top rubber feet. Like you see on a computer laptop and on the front theres a light just so its charging and its usb c so overall, really high quality product and so thats pretty cool and last of all, i got a wallet. This is a metal clip wallet like those very thin wallets that clip onto your pocket or your jeans or whatever, but anyway has a clip. You can put your money in there and then put your cards inside its a very compact wallet, and i, like it, ive used mine quite a bit already. It definitely takes up a lot less space than would a normal wallet, obviously its something to get used to, and it has its own unique design whatever, but very high quality wallet, carbon fiber, metal and fabric. It opens up like this. You put your cards in and it has rfid. I think blocking technology has this right here, where you can push your thumb against, so you can grab the cards out easier, so that was the products overall pretty high quality and satisfying, like i said, im having a little trouble with this lately but ill have to Look at the manual such to get a better perception on that, but if you want to see a product review on that, like i said, link in the description, but overall, the build quality of these products are great great and function quality great until this little issue With the speaker but ill have to check up on that, but these products arent very expensive, theyre, great quality, yes, but theyre brands that ive never heard of before this and their products that wouldnt necessarily cost a whole lot.

Maybe 50 or less wireless chargers are way under that. Obviously this is a great quality one, but there would still be under that im sure the speaker. Ah, it might be a little closer to that end and this im not exactly sure on all wallet prices but under 50. I think for sure, for this, so under 50, around 50 for sure theyre getting quite a bit of profit. Obviously, the plans vary and such so the products may vary, because there are some plans, it says you get a 300 plus product guaranteed the others just say 150 plus product, not sure if that means every month or just one, but anyway, from what i got these Will be kind of a cheap to get in a normal plan, say a 90 box to 120 box. Obviously my sister got the better deal for these, so they didnt end up being 90 a box. But if you didnt have a deal like that, then i think youd be a little disappointed not by the product quality but by the product selection that you were given based on the value so to wrap up the gadget discovery club. It was really fun to have. It was really fun to experience and im really glad. I got this im thankful for it, thanks to my sister, but im glad she got a better deal than what was on their website. I was saying the product selection and the value are debatable for the money, but the products themselves are great quality and great functionality.

Now the biggest question is price. Like i said it depends on the plan, the product value to the value of the box. Remember that you do get free shipping, remember its part of the experience, so theres, multiple factors that play into this its, not just the value of this, its the value of the experience and the mystery etc. And lastly, i think you guys need to improve your unboxing experience, put these boxes into a bigger box so that theyre protected and then protect these boxes inside these boxes and put an unboxing and unpackaging experience. Kind of like apple, make it more personal. This is a subscription service meant for you to unbox things, not just oh. We got some products from amazon yay anyway guys. I hope you liked this video. I hope you found it helpful if you like this shirt. Jesus loves you its by the jesus loves you company, jesus loves you dot, company use code, tornado 7 for 15 discount, but anyways link in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Please leave a like comment, questions and subscribe. It would mean a lot because only point five percent of you guys that watch my videos actually subscribe anyway.