I know that name too: hey tom hi camille how you doing i’m doing good. I i know you probably weren’t, expecting to hear me i’m, corresponding with entertainment tonight this week and when i found out that i got to talk to you, i was like absolutely let’s. Do it like and tears over here a little bit that it was really um? I really felt that when you were speaking about that, so thank you, um and i want to switch gears a little bit because i feel like of all people in rob’s life. You and i spend probably some of the most time with him. So i know at home rob – and i know that you know football locker room rap, so yeah, please tell me: i saw a little bit of an impersonation that you’ve done earlier before and i got a kick out of it because you did pretty good. I have to say, because i like to mimic wrap a lot. So can you tell me give me like an insider edition of what it’s like? I know you guys are super adamant about your treatments as much as recovery and training. What’S feel good got a couple of tv 12 workouts, then locker room gearing up for super bowl rob and you know what he’s super excited because um you know he feels so good. You know: he’s played 20 games this year, so it’s the most. I think he’s ever played in his career, so you know he’s a one of the most unique people, as you know, um just being around him he’s, so positive.

I think everybody wishes in their next life. They can. They come back as as a as rob just because he’s got such a great personality about him, just his way of being positive and he’s a real high, achiever, he’s, very competitive, and i see the competitive nature. The determination like, if you’re you know, when you’re down and out you want him with you, and i think that speaks to him as a teammate as a person and um i love playing with him. You know he’s i’ve known him for a long time and i’m. Just so proud of all his accomplishments, he’s an amazing guy and uh. You know i know for both of us. We, we uh, you know we. We rely on each other, a lot for different things and um. You know i’ll be looking for him this sunday, so that’s, the most important thing, we’re gon na go over to play 60 kid amy brannon, hey tom i’m amaya. How are you hi, amaya hi? How are you good nice to talk to you nice, to talk to you too so i’m, 10 years old and around the same age as your kids they’ve chilled for you in almost every super bowl you’ve been in? Do you have any family traditions about the big game and how will you celebrate if you win wow, so how will i celebrate if i win i’ll, be very i’ll, be surrounded by my kids, who are your age, so that’s uh, the best part about winning, is Having the people uh that have helped you get there and support you there with you to enjoy it so um, some of the best memories i’ve had in my life, for being with my kids right after the super bowl and celebrating with them.

So i hope we have that experience on sunday, it’s gon na be a really tough game, so we’re gon na have to go, earn it, but if we get the job done, it’s that’s, exactly what i’ll be doing. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Amaya you’re welcome we’re gon na go over to greg almond, hey tom. We hear a lot about the coaches on this buck staff being early risers how early in they are under the office. How early are you getting into the facility this week, probably get in about um, 6, 15 or so so pretty early? I think some of them beat me in so i think everyone’s in here to try to get as much preparation as we can there’s. A lot to study is a a uh, a tough team to prepare for, because they’re very talented. They have a lot of great uh things that they do on defense. That really challenge you so um. You know it’s been a lot of preparation. This whole time, it’s been a really hardcore prep and now we ultimately have to be confident what we’re doing and go out there and get the job done. We’Re going to go over to susie colbert. I know that name hi tom hi susie. So as we get closer to game time now, when we talk you mentioned, you know sunday is such a long day and just not using up too much energy. I wonder obviously you’ve been down this road what’s, the usual what’s the sunday routine, and what have your emotions typically been like as the day progresses you get closer to game time.

You walk in the stadium, yeah it’s, just a uh, you know it’s a slow build. I think for this game because it’s a two weeks of prep, you know you feel like the physical stuff’s. You know pretty much done at this point and at this point it’s just going through in your head different situation scenarios. All your different calls that you’d have um. You know just trying to think about how they’re going to play us and then again i think, that’s, where the mental prep you, you really can’t, leave any stone unturned at this point. So we’ve got friday saturday, sunday, three three just over three days left in the season, so 72 hours, plus and uh. You know you got to use it all and use it to to our to the maximum, because this is a game that’s really going to challenge us. This team is a very tough team to beat you know they haven’t been beaten in a long time. Uh got a great offense, got a great defense, really well coached, very good on special teams. So um just try to chill you know on sunday. You know get your get your body, you know mentally physically being a good place to go out there and compete and uh get ready for a great game. So it’s a long game, it’s a hard game. You know it’s a it’s a it’s a long day, but you got to be ready when the ball is kicked off and we’re going to be challenged, they’re going to challenge us and we got to go answer a challenge – all right.

We’Re going to go over to nora princioti with the ringer yeah, hey tom um, so both your offense and kansas cities have converted a decent number of third and longs this season and i’m just curious sort of what the mentality is as an offense as a quarterback. When you manage to get one of those and kind of stick it to a defense in that situation, when they might have thought that they were about to get off the field, it feels good to do that. Just because you know you get kind of behind the down distance on first second down to leaves you in third along and then you’re able to bail yourself out of that situation. So it’s a hard thing to do. I wouldn’t try to make a uh. You know all day long, you know trying to stay in third and long and see if we could, you know, make a bunch of plays because that’s not uh, yes, very low percentage football, so we’re gon na have to play well on early downs. Keep our third down manageable, eliminate negative, plays, eliminate negative runs, sacks penalties. All those things are really important. It’S got to be a really clean football game because you get stuck behind the down and distance. You know these guys do a great job. Getting you off the field, so it’s a um, i think every play you know, we’re gon na have to have maximum concentration on probably 70 70 plays left in the season, so all of them are going to have to be our very best.

We’Re gon na go to jonathan jones from cbs sports. Hey tom, your offenses over the nine super bowls have combined to score three points in the first quarter, one of those quirky little stats and i know they’re all their own individual entity. But did you ever or have you since tinkered at all with your prep, as it specifically pertains to the fourth quarter and why or why not uh, i haven’t thought about that. Much um yeah you’d, obviously love to get off to a fast start hard to explain why or why not? That hasn’t happened i’m sure there are a lot of individual things um why that’s happened or not so i don’t know i think ultimately for us this week. It’S about you know, taking every play understanding what we’re trying to execute on a given play and then go go make it happen. So you know the one thing about this game: you’re playing the other best team in the league, so there’s not a lot of margin of error. If you do anything, that’s uh, unsound, it’s not going to work, so execution has to be at your best and um. You know it should be that way, that’s the way this game should be played, it should be the highest level of execution and because it’s, the most time to prepare concentration, focus, um just got ta lay it on the line and and uh try to make the Plays when we got them to you know when they’re there to be made, we got ta, make them we’re gon na go over to john crick from the toronto sun.

Four years ago this week, i asked you how the ‘ year old tom brady would fare against the 22 year old tom brady in the combine, agility and speed drills, and you said, you’d crush it. Yeah 43 year old tom brady, fair against not just a 22 year old but ‘ year old, wow, um, probably similar to when i was ‘ um, i’d say pretty similar. I think, throwing the ball uh jody wise, um, i’m gon na work. On my speed. This offseason try to get my speed up a little bit. I see all these guys running around. I got to make a few of those plays, so i got a you know. I’Ve already started thinking about kind of how i’m going to train so i’d say that’s. The one thing that i want to always keep working on and continue to throw the ball well, um, be in good position to throw the ball accurately continue to be a student of the game, and you know i think, that’s how you can continue to uh. You know make improvements, you can’t ever think that you’re satisfied you got to continue to build and grow and learn and evolve, and some things are, you know, going to challenge you, but you got to fight through those things and um. You know from my standpoint, there’s always room for improvement. Our last one’s going to come from jenna lane, hey tom, could you just uh relay the conversation that you had with jason light about the number seven before you decided to still play with number 12.

? You know jason kind of gave you all the details, so you know i didn’t want to come in here and you know i know numbers are, you know, for some people mean a lot and chris was so cool about it. So in the end i spoke to chris and he was uh. You know he was amazing, so i just love my experience with chris and uh. You know he’s a stud, no matter what number he’s wearing 12 14. he’s a baller.