Both the gadget reviews and also explanation about the technology terms – and i also um kind of liking, the audio engineering thing. So if you are the music antheas or viewing vicious or the technology enthusiast, then you come to the right place to my channel, and this is my new series that i called the old gadget review. So i review a many of uh discontinued products that i have. I had used before, but i currently not using anymore and in this video i will explain about the notebook battery, so this is the box uh. As always, i always try to replicating uh something that i im not using anymore or something that i just storage it on my warehouse, thats that makes the um storage or the product itself not broken in your storage. So, as you can see here, so this is the notebook battery for the ki 04 of 14.8 volt for the voltage and the capacity is 2200 mah and its made in china. What is this so? This is, i know, the older version, both the um smartphone and also the laptop, has the removable battery, because you can repair the battery, because the battery will always that in the first place i mean the first part that will that in your devices, whether it is A smartphone or the laptop will be the battery and i think the old uh technology actually just giving you this to extend the life of your devices and lets open this um its actually the battery for my hp ab1 to a dx, and i will explain – or I will review my lap that laptop later, so, if you see it here, it comes with the sponge to um, reduce the damage in delivery, and i actually repackaging it inside this plastic, and you can also read it here.

Dk i zero for the rechargeable battery. I will open it repackaging and then reopen it. So this is the old um battery for from my laptop, the my older laptop, not the one that i currently use and actually every laptop has a different uh, not every, but only one kind of battery in its series, for example, for the hp ab series, then, Are all compatible with this battery, but the maybe the dv series are not compatible with it anymore, even though its the same hp pavilion but its on the different family product. So everything is, you can read it on your own battery and for the older version of laptop its actually, you could read the series of your laptop uh inside of the battery right here, so the older version – okay, where is it okay, replace with hp spare? So there will be information about um, which type of battery you could use or compatible with your laptop and also um. It is also give you an information about the laptop type or part number or the family, of your laptop that use this kind of battery and its actually very um. What helping because ive been using my older laptops, the hp ab1 to atx for about six years, and i stopped using it because um its not receiving any update anymore, i mean um the ram and also the battery is already uh nearly that, and so i need To replace it, but its not the same anymore now there are more errors in it, and i dont know if thats related to the battery, but mostly it is because battery is the life support for your devices and maybe thats it for the reviews thumbs up.