Its called the photo stick omni, and here it is right here it comes with this awesome little adapter. It kind of looks like this really easy to plug. In now, what is this bad boy? Well, its a photo stick basically and for people like me that are not tech savvy and i the whole thing with computers, its its you know, kind of gets over my head a little bit so when im taking pictures – and i try to find them later on On my phone or my computer, or whatever, im doing and sometimes theyre all spread out all over the place and im trying to get them and im searching for files anyway, it kind of drives me nuts, if you know what i mean so anyway, but what this Does you just plug it in? I mentioned your iphone, your android, your computer, the usb port plug it in you open the app on it, its basically one touch and go, and it downloads all your photos, all your videos. It puts them all in this one easy to find place and then im free to go, make more memories, and i dont have to worry about where they are later on, and then another thing after that. I want to tell you about on your phone too you because it downloads everything onto this one stick for you really easy. You can then delete photos and videos off your phone if you want to create more memory on your phone, so thats a good thing too.

So i want to thank my son for getting this for me and you can have one too just like it, its really easy hey. I suggest you get it youll be glad you did. We all know what its like, when all of a sudden your phone stops working or it gets broken and now youre thinking. Oh, my gosh are all my photos gone. You put your photos and your videos on your computer and you think because theyre there theyre safe, but then what happens when you delete a folder and accidentally it takes a bunch of pictures with it or your hard drive crashes. Something like that. Well, you know you dont want to lose all those memories. So, in looking for a fix, we discovered this product. We tried it out. It solves that problem. We think youre going to like it so right here i have my pictures folder and, as you can see, theres just a ridiculous amount of pictures in here i mean i dont even im, not even sure it seems like every time i look in here. I find pictures that i just havent seen forever. I didnt even know where they were and right here, youre looking at my phone, you can see all the pictures i have on my phone theres a whole bunch of pictures here, heres the problem. If you take a look at the settings on my phone, i use 7.2 gigs out of 8 gigs, which means pretty soon when im trying to take pictures or video im going to get that little error message that says im out of space and i cant take Anymore, im going to plug it right in the bottom of my phone and then it says backup files now so im going to go ahead and hit that it says back up all or i can just select ones but im going to back up everything.

And you can see how fast it works and uh it archives everything everything on my phone is being sniffed out its being found and downloaded to the photo, stick and backed up so that its safe. Now, when thats done, i can view the files on the photo. Stick itself, i can remove the backed up files from my phone. This is how you clear out space on your phone. It looks like just a regular little usb, but it actually has software on there and thats. The secret is the software, because the software is going to seek out and find every single photo every single video on my computer, and then it backs them up onto the photo. Stick itself: itll, even organize them on there and identify them. Make sure that you dont have any duplicates its just amazing. Now the photo stick works with mac or windows. This is so easy. I mean i cant even tell you its like no hands so once this opens then youre just going to take a look down right here. You see the big green go button, thats it im going to click, go and its off to the races. Look at this im not touching anything right now. It says the folder searched. It searched over 3200 folders, its already found almost 7 500 videos and photos its going through it found 610 duplicates. I mean unbelievable so im going to let this go and then well come back and well see what it found so im not going to touch it right now, im just going to let it do its thing, Music, all right, so you got to see the photo.

Stick do its full job now, if i go over here and i take a look at my list of photos that it found these are the 49 new ones that it found and if i go in and take a look at my photos and videos right here. This is everything thats on the photo stick right now. This is everything thats, safe and archived. I can pull the photo stick out of my computer. It doesnt matter if the hard drive crashes it doesnt matter.