We are reviewing the divo pixumax pixel art signboard, the pixy maxx is kind of the daddy of all of the products. Its the largest pixel art display that did make coming in at 32 by 32 led pixels. I want to say a big thank you to davio for sending this out for review purposes. Now, lets get on with the video and well see what this pixel max is all about. Music, if youre not familiar with this sort of product, then essentially its basically a pixel art display. You can customize it in a range of different ways. At the moment, you can actually get the pixi max for around 61 pounds on the divin website and as well guys enter the code techj10 in the checkout for an additional 10 off inside of the box. We get the max display itself, its a nice big display. Ive had a couple of other diving products in the past like the time box, evo and thats a lot smaller in comparison, you get two sets of stickers, so you can customize your pixi max a very big instruction manual on how to use it and customize it And whatnot you get a little plastic stand so that the device can stand upright on the desk, for example, and you also get a really long, usbc type charging cable. Now. The reason why this is a much longer cable is that it could be a sign inside of a shop as you get a set of suction pads, so that you can fix them onto the pixie and could display things like opening times or a mini menu.

I really do like the multi use of this pixy max in terms of design its a fully plastic shell, i would say one of the first things im noticing is quite a few fingerprint marks as soon as i touch this. So that is something to consider. You might be wiping it quite a lot of the time if youre planning on moving this about a lot on the right hand. Side of the device is where we have our power button. If you hold it down at the top of the button and then the bottom half is to change the lighting effects and we have a microphone port just underneath there, you can actually take phone calls and speak through this on the top and the bottom. We have the mounting screw holes for the suction pad. We also have a hanging hole here as well, which i think is a nice feature, so you could hang it on a wall, for example, in the bottom left hand corner we have the stand and then nicely hidden away at the bottom of the device. Is the usbc charging port with a nice cut out section here so that the cable can be fed down there? You can flick between the channels here. You can also find out how much battery you have left on it, and these are some really cool preset designs. Already without you even controlling it from the app the screen is really nice and bright.

It really does help having all of the extra led pixels on this bigger device. What im going to do is connect this to my devoom app and just show you some really cool designs that i like and show you a few more things that we can do with this. All you need to do is download the devoom smartphone app and you can connect your device either via bluetooth or you can connect it to your home wifi. Having used the divim app quite extensively, its really reliable in terms of getting devices connected and finding them. Some of these designs are absolutely brilliant and its quite nice having actually on this channel where it just brings up absolute random designs. Once youre connected to your device, you get a load of preset designs from really talented creators in the divim community. You can just choose a design and click on it. It will go straight on to the device itself. You can use the search feature to find specific designs, which i find really useful. So lets say we want to find skeleton designs, as you can see here, you find so many different designs and the same again. You just click on it once and it will display onto your pixy maxx. There really is a lot of customization. You can do inside of the app one of my favorite being a wall clock. You can really customize it exactly to how you, like the possibilities, really are endless.

You can actually design your own art im, not a big fan of just because im, absolutely terrible at anything creative and arty thats about the best i can do. I also really like some of these visualizers and it reacts to sound, really good. If youve got some music playing go ahead and subscribe to tech j uk, you can even play some retro games on here as well, Music. There we go guys. That is the review of the devon pixumax pixel art, signboard theres. Definitely so many hours of fun to be had with this device. I really do like the bigger format of this particular model. Please let me know in the comment section down below what your favorite feature is and what designs that you would have on. Yours definitely recommend this. If you want to kit out your room or a gaming setup, it looks absolutely brilliant ill leave links in the description down below on where you can pick yourself up your own pixie max and remember that discount code of tech j10 for 10 off your order.