So in this video. This is the part of the one video that the series that i called old gadget review. So i review my older gadget that already discontinued in the market, and in this episode i will talk about um, a logitech, m331 silent plus, actually its not discontinued. This product is um kind of new um about 2015. I think and im not using it anymore, because ive replaced it with the same type, not the okay, its actually a different type that i will um tell about our reviews. It later maybe on the different series. So this is a little bit different with this one, also its on the same family and why im stopping using this okay, so um. I will tell you a little bit story behind the story about this mouse. I actually use it for about two years and then i change it to the rexs q10 mouse and then um. I dont, like i dislike the rexs q10 and then i buy the very similar version of the logitech m series and i will show you the forms of the mouse here. As always, i always repackaging every gadget that i already use it before or i had to use it, so i will store it in the good um condition of it. I know i just like it to do that, and this is the most you may be uh. So theyre already uh damaged here and also here um its its not the same anymore.

It is the old gadget once again i it is old gadget, so the m331 is actually a very good mouse and very reliable. Most ive been using it for two years and i am completely satisfied using it, and this is maybe the longest most that i use um two years is a long time i mean i think and um. This has a very responsive about 1000 dpi and also its the silent click. You can hear it click here and also silent scroll here, and it has um a usage for the right hand, user as mine. So its very ergonomic here and the sensor here is a very sensitive thats, a good thing for the mouse. So you could use it on almost every surfaces, and there are on our switch, which i like about this mouse different with the uh rexs, one which doesnt have it and the battery here is actually it its a very energy saving type of mouse ive been using. It with one battery for two years: it is very power, saving type of mouse, and i like it what i dislike it um. So the reason why i change it – i i im not using this product anymore, also so the the product here um available in three colors, black, blue and red, also all of my devices, not all, but mostly my devices – are in red. I dont know why i buy the blue one for the mouse.

Actually, it has the rubber grip and rubber wheel, so it is very comfortable, its very ergonomic to your hands, especially for your the right handed, but thats. Also. The reason why the minus factor for me uh, because the rubber here um most likely get dirty uh. If you, if you just touch this when your hands its not clean enough and it stored the dirty hair on the um, what you call it some texture, rubber texture and also because it is rubber, it got broke, i actually broke it and after it broke uh Its not the same anymore, its not as comfortable as before, and also its not as ergonomic as before so uh, actually im im very liking, this mouse, uh or all factor of it, but thats only one factors which is actually the good side and also the bad Side, the good side is very, very comfortable, but the bad side of the rubber grip and a rubber wheel. It stored the um dirty and the dirt, and also it got broke if in a certain of time and also its certain of accidents. So if you drop this mouse uh, for example, for the uh about one meter, height uh, it will get broke uh. It will a tear off and thats, but you can use it use it still use it actually and thats thats. Why why i call it good and bad at the same time, and i will tell you why i buy m 330, which i currently use so thats, it thats the review of the logitech mouse, the m331 silent wireless mouse.

Oh, i i forgot to mention that it used the 2.4 gigahertz band frequency, so it is a very response: responsive um, usb nano receiver, uh that you plug in in your laptop or pc and uh. Overall, i like it and im satisfied with it and but it its need to be replaced in some certain of time for sure thumbs up. If you like this kind of video thumbs down.