It has. Um been reported that you pumped millions of your own dollars into this performance, and we now know that it will come entirely from the stand. So, can you tell us three ways that you will innovate since you won’t have the traditional stage um well due to the covet and and for the safety of the players and the workers we kind of built the stage within the stadium and uh we’re? Also using the field as well, but we wanted to kind of do something that we’ve never done before and um yeah. So we built we built the stage in the stadium but i’m not going to tell you anything else because you’d have to watch on sunday yeah. We know kevin will be i’ll, be watching thanks. Brian appreciate it. Next question: let’s go to jem from variety. Jim morning, abel uh my question’s a little simpler um in your opinion, what’s the greatest super bowl for halftime performance in history and why the great uh i don’t know what technically the greatest is, but my favorite is definitely diana ross 1996.. Have you seen that one? Oh yeah, she i mean she’s just so glamorous and the show just makes me smile and um. She has a great exit with the helicopter. She lands in the middle of the field, grabs onto it and flies out into the crowd into the clouds it’s like i wish. I could have done that. I wish i thought of it.

To be honest, we still have time. Do we have time let’s we could we could work it, but no, i don’t think i have enough money to do it. To be honest, i think uh that wasn’t fantastic, uh, arizona, dallas pittsburgh diana ross leaving from a helicopter. I think we we know what you’re going to end up doing and it’s going to be a great show inside the stadium, but then also for our fans at home. So thank you. I know i can’t wait. Let’S stay here locally for our next question. It’S going to come from the tampa bay times, sharon kennedy when there you go hello, there welcome to tampa uh. You know i know: you’ve had um you’ve had three shows uh in tampa over the last, almost about five or eight years, all really um cinematic and really well reviewed, hugely popular i’m kind of wondering. If you have some memories that haven’t been here um and i know you’ve – i just you’ve – got your usual stadium you’re, the only stadium with a pirate ship in it i’m wondering if some of their features of of this ship are in this town, that you’re incorporating Into your show, um yeah that ship is so iconic um we’re, incorporating it just a little bit um but again you’d have to watch it on sunday um. I think to answer your first question. Uh about my shows in tampa. The crowd here is insane.

They don’t sing the lyrics back and they scream it back at you it’s such it’s such an experience. I love tampo there’s, a lot of uh connections between canadians and tampa. You know the toronto. Blue jays have been spring training here since the 1977.. Oh nice. I think the raptors too right yep, we just got the raptors. You have a lot of connections, so good good. I feel at home. Thank you, sharon good to see you next question. Let’S go to access hollywood, missouri hall! Hi! How you doing! Congratulations on the halftime performance. Thank you. He hasn’t done it yet. Oh he’s gon na kill it though that’s what we know for sure so we’ll be tuned in sunday for that um but i’m curious to know. What would you tell your 17 year old self who left home moved into a small apartment with a friend? You know eventually that young abel was gon na, become the super bowl halftime star, you’ve accomplished so much. What would you tell that kid? Um don’t quit just don’t quit um and there were times where you know it was. It was easy to quit, but yeah. I would tell him to just keep going. Do you think young abel would believe you when you tell them where you’d be today? I hope so he was pretty hard headed a little stubborn. Okay, congratulations! Thank you. Thank you. Zory let’s go next to complex and weiss landrum. Excuse me: weiss r, mesh yeah.

We wanted to ask uh since you booked, the gig. Has there been any previous halftime shows that you’ve watched or that you either look up to or stand out to you um again, diana ross is my favorite performance, so i just i watched hers over and over again um it’s, mainly her yeah. I mean i loved princes, obviously um michael jackson. Beyonce i mean they’re all amazing, but diana ross is definitely my favorite performance. Okay, let’s go next to ap and jonathan landrum weekend, arbel how’s it going sir what’s up pleasure, pleasure. Um one asked you about your performance. I know that you know in your most recent music videos and performances. I know they were a little graphic uh. I know they had a little bit of blood, some violence and even beheadings um. Do you feel the need to tone down your super bowl performance? A tab because this is somewhat a family event yeah for sure i mean you know. I definitely want to be respectful to the viewers at home um. I will still incorporate um some of the storyline it’s, a very cohesive story, i’ve been telling throughout this era and throughout this year, so um the story will continue, but definitely we’ll keep it pg for the families. Definitely, thank you. Jonathan i’ll try my best. Thank you. Appreciate it all right, it’s time to go up north let’s go to e talk, canada with tyrone edwards, my brother what’s up what up bro, how you doing hey, listen, uh! You know i’m super super happy right now from scarborough to the super bowl.

Philby love. Um. Now you’ve been doing some powerful messaging with with the bandages and everything that you’ve been working on. In that sense, will you be using this stage to continue that message or will you or you also be addressing some other messages as we’re? Seeing the you know, uh the the uprising in the black community as well um, again you’re going to have to see on sunday, but you know i don’t like to spoon feed the audience. Hopefully they can. They can pick up um some of their own theories and conclusions of what the show is saying in the story: i’m telling and the performance for sure, yeah all right. We have time two more questions here. We can. We have extra rachel, lindsey, hello, hello, congratulations, um! I i know you’ve answered a bunch of questions about your halftime performance and you’re, only giving us just a little bit, but i wanted to talk about what you’ve been doing in the community and why it was so important for you to show your appreciation in tampa. You donated meals to frontline workers, you’ve been honoring black owned restaurants. Can you talk a little bit about why that was important for you to do that i mean i just i. I see that people are struggling and i want to. I just want to help i’ve been in that position myself and i know what it feels like um. You know i never really had money growing up so giving away isn’t isn’t hard for me it’s very easy.

It means nothing thanks rachel, we have time for one more question and we’re going to go to the toronto star nick cruin. First of all, uh. Congratulations on this uh on this amazing show career milestone and happy early birthday. I’Ve got two quick questions. Uh. First of all, how does it feel to be the first canadian to headline solo at the halftime, show shania and akroy did it beforehand, but they always shared the stage. Oh, i didn’t know that i had no idea, how does it feel it’s an honor yeah it’s a blessing, but i did not know that and yeah we had shania and san diego and dan aykroyd and blues brothers. I believe in wow and so definitely an honor yeah. You have another question. Nick i think nick is frozen, looks like nick is frozen, but i know someone one more question: she’ll get a screenshot of that. We can hear you nick well, it looks like uh. He is indeed frozen, but we know you will not be frozen. No on sunday when we get to the pepsi super bowl, it is cold, though in tampa i did not expect that it is a little cold. I think, on game day, we’re uh, just like the the rest of the year we’re, going to have a lot of fun we’re going to play through the weather, it’s football, so we play in any type of weather, but we do want to thank you on behalf Of the national football league and pepsi for all the work you’ve done, thank you saw you drive up to the the press conference in your car, just like in your commercial.

That was a neat touch, so we do appreciate that. Thank you. I don’t think you’ll be driving like that on super bowl sunday. I would hope we’re going to have someone drive you for sure for sure, but we are looking forward to seeing you and we want to say you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much to our media around the world for joining us, and we will see you on super bowl sunday.