You can see it is quite unique because look its a bag and on the front there is a picture of the actual ditto speaker itself and if we turn it over to the side here, youll see a list of the features that this tiny speaker has to Offer so it has a 10 watt tundra driver, it offers a 360 degree surround sound. It has internet radio stations 8 bit pixel art creation and if we turn it over to the other side, the list continues once more. With a 16 million rgb color display smart alarm and sleep aid, social media notifications, daily tools, dj mixer and a 3 000 milliamp battery that offers up to eight hours. Playtime i mean seriously, it has a lot lets. Take this out of here then, and we can get rid of that and look at that carry case wow its almost like a retro lunch box. Now, if i press the button that releases the catch pull this out off here, take this off because we dont need that, and here we go the divo ditto speaker and just take a glance of that. I mean that is seriously retro, but you know what it almost feels modern at the same time, thanks to its nice weight, its slick design, but look at it look how stylish it looks too now, obviously, on the front is where youll find the 16 by 16 Display but apparently it has true mechanical keys as well, so lets just give these a little tap.

How good does that sound now the casing itself is just plastic, but i must admit it does feel very solid and then, if you take a look at the top, this is where youll find hows the 10 watt speaker and then even on the back youll notice. A base reflex port thrown in there as well before. Finally, turning on the side and youll find a micro sd card input, an on off power switch as well as a usbc charging input. There too lets just see what else we get in the box. Well, weve. Obviously got a usbc charging cable, we have the devoom dittu user manual and then this appears to be some rather decorative stickers. Now the user manual itself is multi language, but i just want to check out some of these specifications in case theres. Anything ive missed. So, for example, youve got the weight of this thing now it does feel quite nice, but actually comes in at 505 grams. The charging time for the actual battery itself is around four hours and it has a wireless range of up to 33 feet and as for bluetooth, compliance. Its bluetooth, 5.0 lets turn this on then, because im dying to see what it does – Music, hmm a nice little startup tune for you there, but there you go. The speaker is now fully operational and look at that. I dont even see that on the camera, the buttons are illuminated from underneath by some very bright leds.

So now, if we press the pink button here, we are met with the menu carousel and we can use the arrow keys to scroll back and forth now. To begin with, as you can see, youve got the games, options and thats right there we go to the pixel art studio, press right again, weve got additional settings, weve got a clock or stopwatch feature music options before finally back to games again now. Obviously, this device packs a huge amount of features, but since its main purpose is a bluetooth speaker, i think the first thing we should try out is, of course, the sound quality, Music, one Music and one more Music and finally lets just see how good audio comes Through lets, say youre watching a film or a tv program, and you do want to have it connect up to the speaker lets see how that sounds. Exploring is one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of not knowing who i would bump into or what i might find. I remember once i found a penny, so i kept putting it on top of my head and flipping off in the air. It was quite cool actually, and i impressed the ladies okay then so you hate yourself and the sound quality from such a small speaker was pretty phenomenal. It was excellent in fact, but there was two minor drawbacks. The first one is that, if youre listening to something with a lot of bass in it, then there is a bit of distortion.

I did notice that i mean it wasnt major, but it was there, and the second thing is the lip sync. Unfortunately, when watching a film or a tv program like i did there on youtube by the phone, it does go out of sync. Unfortunately, its a shame. It really is because it would have been excellent if it just stayed together, but unfortunately it doesnt. But apart from that, the sound quality is good. Dont get me wrong. It is very nice, in fact its clear its concise. So if youre just going to use this as a standalone speaker, then in terms of sound quality, its pretty damn awesome now, dont forget, of course, because this speaker connects to your phone or smart device via bluetooth. You can also make phone calls from it. Hello, hello! You are now being spoken to via a ditto speaker. How do i sound slightly distant slightly distance but clear okay, now im going to move this to the other side of the table? How do i sound now, even more distance or just about the same about the same? Okay, then, and then, if i come right close, does that sound any better it does. I need some bangers and mash for tea. I need some bangers and mushrooms well. That works. Well were now going to move on, however, to the part im probably most excited about, which is the nine classic retro games that are pre installed in this bluetooth.

Speaker lets start off with a bit of tetris, then i dont know im starting to mess up already. Oh look at that little hole there and well go with that one. There yeah i got a line were going to try arkanoid now lets see how good that is. Oh wow! Listen to that! This one has sound effects. Okay, then! Well, it is a bit on the slow side, but, to be honest, you for a bit of mindless fun. You cant go wrong. Got to try snake out lets see how this one does like theres, that little green spot or apple or whatever it is im gon na keep on getting that now, just to confirm by the way the controls are. Nice and responsive theres no delay there and so far touchwood. I seem to be doing quite well. Look how long that snake is growing. Lets find a bit more apple. Oh no! I spoke too soon. Im just dead last one! Well, try a bit of flappy beard! Okay, so we use the joystick on this one to move in between the blocks. While this one is difficult but im doing okay im getting there whats this now. Obviously i am bad at games. Lets see what the app has to offer then now just to confirm the app is absolutely free and of course you can get it for both ios and android devices. But the first thing, youll notice straight away, is how bright and easy to navigate the app is.

But, more importantly, look how many features this thing has to offer. I mean youve got design youve got animation, youve got tech sensor, dj mixer, which we will be trying out by the way. Youve got voice, memos sleep time, alarms and noise meter. I mean seriously how much stuff can they fit into one small device to begin with, though, lets just see how good my design skills are so well go for something quite simple and well go for a face here. We go right, so we need an eye not doing very well so far but theres another eye weve got a nose and then a nice smile, but um there you go theres. My face noise meter lets. Try that one then so well press start on here and do a bit of clapping. Here we go ow dj, mixer, okay, so we open that and we all met with a little sound board there and then on the top. Youve got a list of instruments as well: youve got a piano there, youve got a xylophone youve even got a drum kit yeah. I wonder if i can still remember this Music took me about 20 years to learn that lets see how good my music skills are. Then, with this vast array of sounds on the soundboard options so well start off with a bit of a loop, i think so well go for this one Music, okay, im getting that feeling and well go for this one Music yeah that could wear well go for A drum yeah kinda, i dont think its gon na be a number one hit, though honestly theres just so many features on this app.

It really is unreal, but i think well just finally try a voice memo option so lets just say: youve got to remind someone to do something when they come in theyll see the speaker has a notification and they can press a button and then hear your message. Can you please remove your slippers from underneath my pillow as they really really do smell? So, as you can see now, a voice message has been left and you can just listen to it by pressing this button here. Can you please remove your slippers from underneath my pillow as they really really do smell? Well, there you go and finally, of course, for those youre wondering just how good this display looks in a dark room Music. So there we go. That was a quick overview and, of course, as much as a demonstration as i could fit into one video, and you know what whered you begin because seriously i love this thing. First of all, youve got the build quality itself, which is just very nice. I mean its small, its compact, its smooth, its slick, its stylish, but throw that in with the retro computer. Look it just works very well, then, on top of all that, youve got the almost never ending list of features that comes with the app 2.. I mean seriously, there really is an awful lot, ranging from creating your own designs for the little 16 by 16 display youve got lighting effects, not forgetting internet radio as well.

The sound quality is second to none. Yes, i do know we had a few distortion issues when listening to loud bass and of course we have the lip sync issue as well, but to mostly, i think, thats, a small price to pay for such a great looking device and, if youre gon na use This maybe for some easy listening, music or maybe even some background music at a small gathering, then yeah the sound quality that this device can offer. You certainly wont disappoint and, finally, who could forget the mini 16 by 16 pixel display, which is not just a nice touch, but it opens up a whole host of eye catching entertainments, whether it be playing the odd classic retro game, downloading additional pixel art animations or You can even just sit back put on your favorite tune and watch the ditto speaker become an impressive music visualizer overall, however, the divum ditto bluetooth, speaker quite simply is awesome. I mean not only does it look great and sound great, but it offers a unique array of features that are smart as well as strikingly impressive and for any avid retro gaming fan out there.