This is another dollar store review, as part of my dollar store marathon, been reviewing a lot of dollar store dollar tree items lately, and if you havent already visit my patreon patreon.com9 malls theres, a link in the description so definitely check that out. If you want to support my content, you get exclusive content over there exclusive reviews so yeah i was just thinking uh, so the holidays are coming up and i was just thinking about wanting to support. You know businesses, small businesses, and i think it was really important. Last year to support small businesses, but i especially just think its really important continuing going forward because i think everyone shops brands, you know theres nothing wrong with it, but everyone shops brands like amazon, target, walmart, kroger and it become it comes like a habit. You know its a habit of convenience. I just think we have this opportunity to support people, or you know. Maybe they have a mission that you agree with so im, going to really make an effort uh this christmas, this holiday season to purchase and support small businesses. So – and i also want to incorporate that on this channel, so uh just look for that moving forward. I think, if nothing else, you know you dont even have to necessarily buy stuff from them. Just stay up to date with you know, subscribe their newsletter. You know, i would say most stores have a newsletter and just keeping up to date with what theyre theyre offering so yeah on the review.

This is the dollar store, uh dollar tree work, light and all the packaging is really generic of these light items, because ive reviewed lots and this one even has a magnet on the back and yeah so lets test it out its really lightweight its kind of cheap Plastic, it has that kind of mcdonalds toy, look and feel um, but does it work so here we go turn off the lights here and actually, i think, lets see. Are there batteries in here? Ah so this is one thing to consider. So many dollar store lights come with batteries, so if it doesnt, you may want to not get it all right. I have the batteries here, one ah man. It takes three and three there. We go snap this on and there we go. Look at that im gon na try off the light and yeah look at that i mean you can tell this is a very bright light. Compact ill show you what it looks like on the fridge. Oh thats different, yeah brightness settings there we go its funny. Oh, i feel like all the flashlights i mean remember back in the day, you had a flashlight and just turned on now you have just different levels and then the flashing its like has anyone. Does anyone use the flashing? I guess, if youre walking at night, maybe or if its an emergency or something all right so on the fridge, im gon na just turn on the light just for fun.

Oh man, it looks like a powerful magnet its not its, not a powerful magnet, actually see. Look at that so thats thats a thats a result. I wish it was a little bit more powerful something to consider all right. So do i recommend the dollar store work, light with magnet 160 lumens intense light. It says uh. The answer is yes. I think this is definitely worth a buck. I think the only downside is this: one takes batteries, not all dollar store uh products. You know some. Some lights come with batteries, so thats one of the selling points uh, but yeah i mean overall i mean i could definitely see using this i mean at least you could throw it in your car or something but yeah. I do recommend it.