The dollar store marathon has finished, but i thought id throw these in. I was debating whether or not to review these or not, but with halloween, coming up very soon decided to review these little lanterns. That i got and theres kind of generic halloween lanterns theres many versions of these. These are kind of a forest scene, but could be a cool effect, not really sure but yeah very kind of inexpensive, but yet decent quality, at least in the pictures, well see if theyre actually as quality as they appear to be and yeah. These were about. I dont know three four dollars: each could be overpriced, actually looking at these, but uh kind of just a thin, i dont know i think its plastic. Actually it looks like metal but its plastic. It does have a metal little loop right here and then you have the battery compartment on the bottom and yes, i was worried that it wasnt gon na come with batteries, but it does come with batteries which is very important to making this worthwhile, because if you Have to buy batteries its just, i would say to not worth it so yeah there we go and close the battery compartment, so just take them all out at once. Im gon na zoom out here, so you can actually see them all right, so yeah check them out. Halloween, lanterns and im gon na turn off the lights once ill. Show you the compartment here.

They just have that piece of tape right there and you try to pull it out without the batteries popping out and the final one here all right, easy enough, but yeah there we go. They are ready to go going to turn off the lights, so you can actually see these things and all right. So here we go three two one little halloween lights check that out. So i guess on halloween. You just turn these on, because you probably dont want to, and this one i dont know if the batteries arent wrong, but yeah check that out pretty cool effect, all right, so unfortunately, uh popped out the battery. It went on the floor and i cant find the final battery, so youre just gon na have two, but you can see these things theyre pretty cool. I like the effect, i think is it worth three and four dollars um, i dont know. Maybe i guess you know on halloween its a kind of a cool effect, itd be a cool effect in your yard. You know im planning on hanging on some lights outside and yeah. For that one night i think itd be its cool, so i will definitely be putting these outside. Let me know what you think: look at that little pattern.