So this was provided to me by the distributor but theyre not compensating me for this video and theyre not reviewing it before i post it. Okay, so theres a warranty card, a user manual. We have a storage pouch, we have the hand warmer and we have a usb type c charge. Cable, so theres a charge port on the side plug into that ill plug this into my charger and well take a look at the manual here. So this is currently charging at 0.18 amps. So that could vary if theres less charge it could charge faster. It might start charging slower too, so it says, features power, button turn on off switch modes, led indicator lights, it has a little red dot, says temp level and a blue dot that says battery status, so that might have different colors. For that it has a usb. A output port, so this is a hand warmer, but since it has a big battery in it, it can also be used as a power pack to charge your devices and it has a usbc port to recharge the warmer itself. So this does have dual sided heating. So you could hold this in the middle of both of your hands and it would heat both sides. So here we have the specs. The capacity is 10 000 milliamp hours or 37 watt hours. The input is 5 volts at 2.4 amps max. The output is also 5 volts at 2.

4 amps max the size is 4.5 by 2.8 by 1.2, inches or 116 by 71 by 30 millimeters. The heating range is 113 degrees, f or 45 degrees, c to 131 degrees, f or 55 degrees c. The accuracy is plus or minus 5 degrees, fahrenheit or plus or minus 3 degrees celsius. It says charging feature in charging mode. The indicator lights are blue, showing the power level the hand warmer is shipped with a partial charge and must be fully charged before using for the first time, use the charging cable provided with your hand warmer to avoid the potential for overheating leaking or burning. It cannot be used as a hand warmer, while charging recharging, when only one blue light is on and flashing. It indicates the power is running out and the hand warmer needs to be recharged as soon as possible. So here the power levels, each light is a third of the battery so for recharging. It says plug the small usb end of the charging cable into the small usb port of the unit plug the large usb into a suitable charging device or power supply, and the charge will begin automatically. So you could charge this up with a phone charger. You could charge it up with another battery pack. If thats all you have, you could charge it in a car with a usb port or a car charger. You could charge this up in a wall outlet that has a usb port on it.

So there are many options for charging. This says once successfully plugged in the blue indicator, lights will start blinking indicating the charging is in progress. Charging is completed when the blue indicator light stopped blinking after charging or recharging. Please disconnect the charging cable. So this talks about charging other devices with the battery pack. You can plug into that usb a port theres, the heating feature so to turn it on and off. You press the power button for three seconds. Then you do a single click on it to change the temp, so each press of the power button will increase the temperature one setting press the power button once after the high heat setting three lights on to return to the low setting one light on repeatedly press The power button to cycle to the desired setting, so i dont see the temperatures of the ranges here, but it said on the amazon listing that the low range is 113 degrees f. The mid range is 122 degrees f and the high range is 131 degrees out. We can see its charging there, so this has metal on the front and back as the power button here has plastic between the two halves. Then we have the charging port here, and this is the usb, a port that you can plug your phone in to charge with and then, of course you can store it in the pouch like so so im going to let this finish charging up and then ill Test it out, okay, so this is finished charging so to turn it on ill hold down the power button and you can see its on low here.

So well let this heat up – and i have a thermal camera here, so we can watch that okay, so the thermal camera is showing around 100 708 and that may be going up. But when i use my laser thermometer on here Music, we have a higher temperature. So thats showing 120. so measuring surface temperatures, isnt always accurate, but it gives you an idea of what kind of temperatures were getting here. So if i touch this, this is very warm to the touch. So you would want to hold this in your hands like this. To warm both your hands, so i will turn it up to level two. So here were at level two, so that should heat up a little bit more. So here the thermal camera is showing 111. It looks like its still going up from there, but the laser thermometer is showing a higher number, so at 126., so ill try the third level. So now all three lights are on. Okay, so were at around 114 115 there on the thermal camera, with the laser thermometer were at 130.. So if i hold this now, this is very hot, so this would be the temperature of say, hot water, now im guessing a lot of people. Wouldnt really want to hold that against their direct skin for very long on the high temperature. I think the low is probably good enough for most people. The high might be nice, though, if youre already wearing gloves, and you want that heat to penetrate the gloves, the higher heat may come in handy there.

So if we look at this at the thermal camera, we have 110 degrees 111 and i think its reading a little low. But if i move the temperature around we can see, we actually do have similar temperatures around it, so its a little lower around the edges. If we go to the top edge here, that is a little bit cooler, so thats 99 degrees. So the hottest portion is right here in the middle, but this edge here is still very warm on the edges, because it has this aluminum case on it its transferring the heat to the edges, so heres my hand. We put this on my hand and well leave it there for a little bit. Take it off. You can see its heating up my hand, so you typically hold it like this and im only holding it for seconds. You can see its heating my hands up so thats. The real pow, 10 000 milliamp hour rechargeable hand warmer. I think this will come in real handy this winter. I get really cold hands, ive used disposable hand warmers before, but they dont last very long. Now the one advantage of disposable hand warmers is that theyre small and you can stick them right inside your gloves, whereas this ones meant to be held by your hands. So i think this will work for me most of the time, a lot of times im waiting at the school for my kid to get out and im just standing there, and i can hold this in my hands if youre working, you obviously cant hold this while Youre doing some work outside, so this may not be for people that need that kind of application, but this would work well for sporting events like if youre watching your kids soccer game or something and youre sitting there in your little fooling chair.

You can hold this in your hands. Itll keep your hands warm. I like that. It also doubles as a battery pack. I dont know that ill use that that often because i do have other battery packs but its nice to have that feature in an emergency. You can charge your phone with this. Also, you can use this in the off season, so in the winter time you could be warming your hands with this in the summer time.