In here is beside the beatboxing. I also want to talk about the audio engineering things and many things about that, and if you are a music or audio enthusiast and also or the technology enthusiast, then you came to the right place to my channel. So in this video this is a new series that i called old gadget reviews, because i will review some old gadget uh the discontinued products that i was using it in the old days or in the past then and im currently not using it anymore. So the one that i will review today is this one. So what is it? What is it so? This is the um cable for the smartphone, so you can call it the um cable data, cable or the charging cable, whatever you want to call it so um. This is the old version cable that comes with my samsung note 4, and lets open this so uh. I always um re packaging, my old Music uh gadget. Maybe sometimes i lost the um old package, so i package it with the newer products thats similar to it, and you can see um so in this one. If you buy the data cable for the smartphone, it will comes with the some kind of the case like right here and actually, as you can see, the cables that i used before is already in this state. It almost uh not almost, but i could see it. It um got disconnected uh the cut off um and thats, actually uh what happened to my old uh in ear headphones or the earphones for the samsung.

It is already disconnected so i cant use it anymore, thats. The reason why i buy the uh adhc and the the in ear headphones from the audio technica that i will review it later so lets focus on this first. So on this side, you will get the usb a uh. Also the color is not blue. It is the usb 3.0 uh. The usb 3.0 is usually in blue when you look inside of it. So instead of blue, it is using the white and thats thats um, actually the 3.0. So the 3.0 – as i already explained it before its a faster type of the data transfer of usb a and in this one, it is what you usually call it, the micro usb or in the um technical uh terms, call it the usb type b, its actually, The type a and the type b and the current use is the usb type usb type c. Maybe i will also explain it later and this actually already supporting the fast charging, um and thats kind of new in the uh smartphone world. I mean uh start from the 2010. I am, i think the fast charging was presented to our world through the uh micro, usb cable, so the usb type b. So this is the predecessor of the um cable that used for the uh fast charging before they are a micro usb or the usb type b. They are no fast charging type of cable and beside of charging.

This also could use to transfer the data, and actually it is faster than the usb type, a 2.0 and almost at the same speed, also its a little bit lower than the usb type a 3.0. So the micro usb is in between 2.0 and 3.0 type, a and thats a decent amount or a decent um signaling speed to transfer your data and because of it, is already discontinued, and i mean i already broke it and i also changing the phones so im Not using it anymore, although it is a very good cable both for charging your smartphone and also both for the um transferring data and maybe thats it thats.