3 live stream. They just talk about all the events that’s going to be taking place in 1.3, the xiao event, giving out 10 intertwined fates, um, photography, event with primo gems and heroes, win advancement, order, enhancements and stuff. Like that uh lantern right event, with colin card, the crown et cetera, catherine and in the center we have six four star characters from leeway and those six characters. One of them you will be able to choose and select for free. So, yes, you will be able to pick one of those free ki or one of those characters for free and uh. Let me know down below which character you guys are deciding on picking. We go to next remember to use it on them. Music, new boss, wait! He’S just out in the wild here’s, two of them, the primo geo bishop, their evolution. Oh all those days i picked on them chat, oh Music. It looks like that reminded me of like blastoise with his water attack. What the was that dude that looks sick, there’s! No way you can do this every single day. This is just which means oh, what the that means. Oh no does that mean i have to like make sure to wake up and prioritize it or i don’t know if there’s like a max, you can get or something i have no characters to send out. I him this is know like monster hunter type dude. I don’t know why that boss reminds me of a character of an enemy from like monster hunter.

You know, wait another section for the. What the is that to the left. Look at that or something oh that’s cool, so you can check on your player card. Oh, this is like arc nights. You can show off your favorite characters that you have and what level they’re on. So when people check take a look at your profile, they can see how many achievements you have and what your highest uh floor clear was in the abyss: it’s for flexing yeah, it’s, reflecting it’s a shame. You can’t see c5 in constellations. Yeah it’s, reflecting you actually can’t, see the constellations as you’re. Seeing right now, the person is checking out the character that was on preview. Uh gone. You in this case checking out their artifacts their profile, talents and constellations Music. Tell me if you see you who tell such a beautiful lantern, how is it made chat? Who towels in here somewhere hiding finder, so many stuff? Oh, i saw her come. Try your hand at theater mechanicus. There seems to be something mysterious about this photographic apparatus. If you’re able to could you try to convince xiao to go with you, Music that douchebag i don’t know about that man in their voices. I can always hear them if you cannot bring yourself to kill i’ll speak my name. Evil conquering do not judge a depth eye by your mortal ideals. Try that tower defense looks so fun dude, it looks hectic. It looks like there’s a swarm of enemies that weapon, though i wonder what that i wonder if that weapon’s going to be best in slot for uh shangling, it does match your aesthetics.

Damn wait. Music pima will help you find her and we’ll spend the next lantern right together. Music. I’M. Sorry, she doesn’t want to be found. I mean that is true. She doesn’t want to be found right, i mean they could have already met up like she was one of the above characters. Oh chat, which one are you taking free forester, i don’t i i don’t know which one to take beta or ninguang. I got ta. Do a poll and see which one you guys want Music: these are about the photos right, take part for ritual words, new event, bishops and where to find them Music, ley line overflow. You get double the reward for ley lines. Today. Attempts remaining one out of three! So three chances of getting uh double the rewards for ley lines and now there’s some incentive to go back and and do those ley lines right at least three times a day if that’s true – and these are all the events coming up – all that glitters lantern right Tails uh the theater and uh the zhao market with crown calling cards. This is the main thing for me: a free four or any one of these. You know that’s, pretty sick, it’s, actually pretty sick. Okay, so that basically summarized the major key points for the 1.3 live stream. Now there was some other things mentioned in the live stream that i did not mention in here that i’ll most likely be bringing in future videos so stay tuned for that.

But let me know what you guys think: 1.3, all the new features free, four star: new characters: new weapons, new bosses, new events, all that free primo gems. Let me know what you guys think hope the video was helpful and informative and i will catch you guys. Next time, all right, so i have a few primo gem codes that are going to be going up on screen right now.