I say this in every single one of my videos: i’m, not a financial advisor i’m, not here to tell you guys to buy or sell you shares in any particular company i’m talking about i’m. Just here to give you guys, information about companies i’m, investing in companies that interest me and companies. I just want to make youtube videos about about my journey on youtube and about my investing journey. So, as you guys see here in robin hood, i want to show you guys my portfolio and we are up an astounding amount. Thankfully guys we just crushed that 20 that huge number that we wanted to crush this past month. So, just as you guys see this past month, we are up above 100 in pure profit, so this is phenomenal. I’Ll show you guys how i did this, how i got this, you know exact number in this video guys, i’m gon na be mainly talking about loosen motors i’m, not gon na be talking as much as oxen, because oxen i’ve already made a lot of videos on And there’s, no news or new updates that i can make videos about so i just wan na mainly focus this video on lucid motors and their merger. So if you guys do wan na stay tuned into their commercial i’m gon na be talking about that in this video. Please stay tuned to the end of the video, as you guys see when i scroll down below you guys are already know i’m holding 5464 shares.

If you guys are new to my channel uh, i i bought these shares at 91 cents. I sold them at a dollar and eight cents and uh bought it again at dollar five cents sold at you know: a dollar eighteen cents bought again at a dollar ten cents and doing a little bit day trading, and you know i was just you know what I’M gon na write it out a little bit. I made some extra profit between there that’s why i started out with five thousand and i’m close to eight, so it says i’m up, thirty percent i’m, actually up fifty percent on this uh on this investment. I was crying trading and then i was like you know what i’m gon na stop trading it i’m, not trading this anymore. I don’t feel comfortable doing that and then going back into cciv um. This is mainly been my most profitable investment, so cciv. I bought five about six thousand dollars worth of shares, average cost 15 and 25 cents is now trading for 34 cents, 34.93 excuse me and, as you guys see i’m up over 129 on this, just this one investment in the span of like a month. So this is actually huge for me. If you guys are cciv investors, you guys know exactly what i’m talking about these are not ordinary gains. This is a very volatile stock, so i’m super happy that we’re able to capture upon those gains get in early into lucid motors.

If you guys have seen my last video, you guys see i’ve actually put in like 7000 or 6000 into cciv, and i was super happy uh. I was able to capture it at that early start. So, as you guys know, right now, we’re just waiting on the news news of the merger. So if you guys don’t know what i’m talking about merger might be happening in a week or something like that and the merger hasn’t been official yet so we don’t even know if the merger is definitely going to happen. Nothing official has been made there’s a bunch of fake articles, and you know people trying to you know derail the stock, so they can short it people trying to pump the stocks they can buy. Calls on it so there’s a lot of fake news going around there. If you guys know, i have seen my past videos about fake news and fake sources. I absolutely just despise that stuff people are sick enough to want to manipulate traders, manipulate people of leaving their positions or entering positions that’s, just despicable. You guys should be always checking your sources, making sure your sources are legitimate, making sure that the publishing company is credible like bloomberg or seeking alpha those big name. Companies should be publishing articles that have 100 truth. There shouldn’t be any discrepancies when you guys are reading them, and this is something i also wanted to talk to you guys about. So, as you guys see here on i’m on youtube right now, and i look circed up the super bowl ad of lucid motors uh 2021, so it turns out lucid motors made a commercial about the car.

Now, just looking at the commercial, i can tell that’s professionally made. I have a friend that does videography and you know photography and all that stuff, and it takes some weeks to edit a 30 minute clip it takes forever. You have to render it you have to you know edit, the the the colors edit, the backgrounds you have to install. You know stability and it’s just a bunch of work, so it does take a lot of time to edit these types of videos – and i can’t show you guys a video in this we’ll leave it down the sky. The description down below it is an amazing video guys, so i highly recommend you guys go check it out and it seems like it’ll, definitely catch a lot of eyes. So now we need to talk about whether whether or not this is going to be on the super bowl. He has on the title super bowl ad, so i’m, not sure where he got the information from where you know officially, so we don’t know until sunday night when the ad pops up on the super bowl ads. We don’t know for sure. So until that happens, that’s the only way we can know for sure. Until then we can talk about what could happen if the super bowl ad is real, so i’m, clicked on his account and i’m. Like you know what i want to see, what investor forecast is all about now.

I was not happy when i saw this just because you know usually when you kill like a business account. It would just be like you know, very uh, very specific videos about the company that’s it it wouldn’t be about neo any of that stuff. So this is kind of like a this is kind of like an individual publishing videos about different electric ev companies. So you know i wasn’t exactly too happy to see that. However, i was very happy to see the commercial now let’s just talk about what can happen if this super bowl ad does play in the super bowl now, let’s just think for a second let’s just say this is true. Let’S just say that the super bowl ad is definitely going to happen and let’s just say that people watch it a bunch of americans watch it during the super bowl and they’re. Like hey, i really like this lucid motors car now i’m going to be. You know writing this name down. Writing this company down and i’m gon na be looking at their cars later and see when they’re starting productions, mainly viewers when they’re watching it and they’re like hey. You know that looks really nice. They don’t know much about the company. They’Re, just you know this the first time they’re seeing lucid motors. So not only does it gather future customers for lucid, but it also gathers investors, which is very, very popular. People are going to be searching up, lucid motors, like oh hey, do they have a ticker symbol, valuable they’re, going to be searching up online they’re, going to see how cciv is somewhat related, somewhat rumored to be loosened motors, there’s, probably gon na, be some people buying More shares of cciv, this is definitely gon na hype up the stock even more.

If the super bowl ad is true, so i’m very excited to see what could happen. I wan na know what you guys think also down in the comments below. So if you guys are asking what am i gon na be doing with my position guys, i am happy with my position. If the merger does happen, i can barely even see me leaving them. You know company after, like a couple of months, probably i’m, more than happy to keep this for you know a year or something like that. I’M. Just that happy that fascinated with lucid motors, i love their design. I love their car. I love that it took them. 10 years to perfect their car sorry, eight years to perfect their car to perfect everything they need to find investors. They did all that stuff on their own. So when companies usually start out, they usually want everyone to help them out. In the very beginning, right company, like this was responsible. Losing motors is very responsible because they found the saudi investors before they needed us. They found everything they needed before they needed us. They need to go in debt or be launched on the market. They need to go in debt to launch a prototype. They have their prototype they’re starting production. They have the factory right, they don’t need anything else. They barely even need us so that i am that’s. Why i’m more than happy, if we are merging with lucid motors, i am extremely happy.

If the merger does happen it was, it would be a great long term investment and definitely a great competitor for tesla. No doubt the tesla owners are more on the higher end of the middle class. They are making than the lower class and people who are interested in tesla definitely have the budget enough to buy a lucid car, maybe not the 170 thousand dollar one, but the 70 000 one could compete with the tesla model. S or some other models of tesla, and especially guys when there’s variety people want the new flavor. They want them something on the special menu guys. So, although definitely take a look at lucid, so i’m super excited that they have the stock car. They just released. 170 000 car so i’m very excited to see where lucid motors is heading to next. If you guys enjoyed this video, please smash the like button comment down below any questions you guys might have, and i hope you guys stay.