com and today im taking a look at the super tiny palm size, computer, the x2 xdo pantera pico pc its currently around 179, depending on what model you get and it handles most simple computing tasks like browsing, the internet, basic productivity And 4k video at 60 hertz its a kickstarter campaign and it offers additional accessories, such as the pantera pico, projector theres, also a few keyboards as well as a power bank. After the launch ends, the price goes up to over 200. So is the xto pantera pico, pc kickstarter worth it lets find out xdo hasnt developed any other products and their web page has only been up for about a year. However, their review unit is indicative of a polished final product and then, on top of that, theyve exceeded their funding target by over three thousand percent. After evaluating the pico projector and the pico pc and comparing um their models to what theyre charging, i cant find any reason for why this product would not ship. But there are some very good reasons why this uh the project is definitely going to ship but ill. Get to that later on, so the pico pc almost certainly will get delivered, but is the product any good? The specs are decidedly low end, although the value is pretty good. Considering that other similar computers can cost about twenty dollars more twenty to fifty dollars more and basically have the same stuff inside and the internal components that were talking about are 250 gigabyte, m2 ssd, an intel, celeron, j4125 processor and 8 gigabytes of dual channel ram.

So, all together, these components make the pico pc suitable for streaming 4k, video at 60 hertz basic productivity tasks like spreadsheets browsing the internet and as a head unit unit on a 3d printer, for example. However, theres one thing its terrible at and thats gaming unless youre doing cloud gaming, but even though the pico pc lacks punch for its size, its not alone in the ultra tiny pc niche. There are currently three other pcs with almost identical hardware for roughly the same price and those are the gmk nuk box, the chewy lark box and the xiaomi ningmei rubiks cube mini well. All of these computers are basically identical to each other and theyre very similar to the xdo pico pc. There are three major differences. First, the pico pc has a total of four usb slots. Second, as i mentioned earlier, its linux compatible and third, this is almost certainly an original design. The specs are nothing to go crazy over the base model. That im reviewing has an efficient, as i mentioned earlier, processor, eight gigabytes of ram 250 gigabytes of solid state storage. Wi fi five uh and bluetooth, 5.1 and uh, of course, of the of the ports. It has usb 3.0 and usb 2.0. However, the usb c port is not power delivery compatible. So that means finding a charger is a little bit more difficult, since it wont work with your laptops charger, probably, but while the hardware isnt anything special, its also affordable and power efficient for what it does and what it does is mostly stream video and surf the Internet i tested out the pico pcs performance in multiple areas, including 4k streaming at 60 hertz, as well as internet browsing and file transfer speeds.

My overall impression is that its good, although there are a few caveats during 4k 60hz streaming power, consumption was jumping between 10.2 watts and 11.6 watts, and while it was streaming fan noise with an ambient background, noise of 40 decibels, measured in between 41 and 44 decibels. So, overall, the playback experience is excellent. In particular, the pico psc produces less noise compared to the nook box, which makes for 53 dbm. However, this tended to run at a much higher temperature than the nook box. The browsing performance is near identical to the to the nook box. It will open most web pages fluently, although on rare occasion it will struggle with opening poorly coded web pages that use older javascript libraries. The uh, solid state storage is some sort of hynix, m2 2242 sata ssd. The performance is adequate, although its significantly slower than the storage thats used inside of the gmk nook box. However, thats somewhat to be expected because nickbox ssd was 500 gigabytes in size. Therefore, it had more nand packages to write to overall, the performance of the ssd is significantly slower than the nook box. My overall impression of the pico pico pc, though, is very positive. I cant say the same for the pico projector um. That xdo is trying to sell alongside the pico pc. This is not terrible by any means, although its not really great either. I describe it as okay in value and capability for its price point.

Its mediocrity is mostly because its so tiny theres, just a limited amount of things that engineers can do when designing hardware within such a small envelope, but its really small. You could fit this thing in your pocket and it stacks neatly on top of the pico pc. However, when you stack them on top of each each other thats when another problem shows up because they look like they were designed by two different companies and thats, because they were after some searching around, i found an identical product being sold in the united arab emirates And i found that the larger model of the pico pc, the xb model – is also being sold on aliexpress for 250 under a different label. So what does this mean? It means that xdo is buying products from manufacturers slapping their brand on it and then reselling that to people who have backed the kickstarter, probably a little bit of a markup. It also means you could find the same product on aliexpress or even amazon for less money than what xto is charging. We call this white label reselling and, while its a common industry practice its also frowned upon, because it means the seller has more or less lied or falsely implied that they designed the products um other than the pico pc, which is a native design. But so pretty much all of their their value. Add products on checkout are white label products. There are other issues as well with the projector.

For example, the pico projector uses a barrel jack power connector instead of usbc on the pico pc, and that difference is what makes these devices so mismatched, because the projector was supposedly designed for use with a power. Brick and power bricks usually come loaded with usb a ports. The pico projector uses a standard wall, wart ac adapter, in fact, xdo even advertises the pico projector and pico pc as being able to run off of a portable battery, and you could easily do that because a pico projector it only pulls 10 watts measured off the Wall socket and it has a large internal battery um but heres some more on the pico projector, its not suited for mobile use, because its fan is irritatingly loud, 51 decibels. So if youre using this device in a shared space, the fan is definitely going to make. You some enemies, but overall, if you can ignore all the other issues with it like the uh, the lack of usbc. This is a fairly decent projector. So lets really quickly summarize the pros and cons of the picopc first, its cheaper than its competition at its early bird price point. Second, it includes out the box linux compatibility. Third, it has two more ports compared to the nut box, as well as a usb 2.0 port, which helps with wireless interference and compatibility issues. And, finally, the pico pc is significantly quiet quieter than its competitors owing to its larger heat, sink.

The cons of the pico pc include it has a relatively weak and inferior, build quality compared to the gmk nook box. It has a slower ssd and finally, it still has an issue with the usb 3.0 bug. Although its its issue is not nearly as severe as the nook box, so that said, should you buy the pico pc or the pico projector, the pico pc absolutely is an original design and its a slight upgrade over its competitors, such as the gmk nook box or The chuwi larkbox it has more ports and out the box. Linux compatibility has some issues with usb 3.0 and its a step down in build quality compared to the the nook box, but overall its a good device and worth 200 dollars well its by no means a gaming pc its good at what it does and that stream 4K, video at 60hz and browsing the web. That said, i can recommend the pico pc uh, but not not. The pico projector weve reached the end of this review for a more thorough analysis of the xdo pantera, pico, pcs, internal components and performance. Please visit the link in the video description and dont forget to like share and subscribe to our youtube channel.