You have a scooter, you have some of those uh swimming gadgets that needs air, and i have here is the anusi tire pump tp03, and this, i think, is something uh pretty nice, and what i like about this one is that it can charge using usb type C, charging port so right now lets run down some quick specs here on the side. It has sliding torch, oled display 150 psi wow that you can support a big big tires like the trucks, then of course wireless. Then it can automatically stop okay uh, depending on where youre setting and it has a pretty huge battery of 4000 mbrs of battery, so lets take it out of the box. So these are the kits inside the box. We have this attachment uh, wherein you can use it for inflating those uh swimming gadgets, then of course uh for basketball and its another adapter. Then, of course, this by default adapter is easy to uh inflate the air. For your tire, you have the usb type c charging port, which is very handy okay, so you can use it for sedan, tire, motorcycle tire, bicycle tire, balls and scooters and even those swimming gadgets. So right now were about to turn this on. So you can see that theres a switch on the side turn it on okay. So right now you can see its displaying 0.0 and we have here the led torch. Okay, so you can see the light.

Then this is to increase pressure. This is to turn on the pump. This is to decrease the pressure this ones to switch between modes, so this is for car for motorcycle for bike for balls. Okay, so right now were going to gauge uh ourselves uh for the car, so ill pump. This tire up to 35 psi just simply check the the pressure. So, first of all, we need to remove uh the cap. Then of course uh screwing this in its so easy to use. Okay. So right now you can hear some air, so the reading is at 32. Okay, so lets say i want to pump it to 34 or 35. Okay, so just place it to 34 press Applause, Applause. Okay, so you can see that it cuts at exactly 34 psi, which is the desired uh pressure for my tire, okay, so yeah. In order to remove this, all you need to do is just simply unscrew it and put the cap back: okay, okay, so thats it! So its that easy on how to use this innocent tire inflator so yeah its a tp 03 model, uh output voltage is at 7.4 and 4 000 milliampere hours of battery capacity, underneath you can charge it using usb type c port, which is very handy these days. So, of course, video is being shot on the xiaomi 11 t pro, which is the latest flagship from xiaomi, and i believe that the video is quite good, quite stable, right now, im shooting at 180p, which, with image stabilization where in even that i shake this camera Right now, its still very sturdy im, just using my with my bare hand, uh if you can see okay, just using my bare hand, just to shoot this video.

And, of course, if you want to know why you can buy this anusic uh tire inflator, just pop. It on the description box below you can freely buy this on banggood. If you want anything good and, of course, those nice gadgets do check them out at and, of course, uh.