900 rupees. These prices go up to 1 lakh 6900 and one like 79, 900 rupees respectively now thats a whole lot of money and its also much more than the non pro iphone 13 costs. So what exactly do these phones do better, and what do you get that you cant get with any of their android? Competition were going to help you answer those questions to help you decide whether either of these phones is worth an upgrade and were also going to get into a couple of features that you might be interested in if youre, an amateur filmmaker lets get started Music if Youve seen the iphone 12 pro series youve pretty much seen the iphone 13 pros. The newer models have the exact same body shape only with slightly larger camera modules. The sierra blue finish looks light and bright in photos, but in real life, its more of a muted blue grey and looks quite sophisticated and fresh the front and the back are completely flat and the stainless steel frame runs around the sides. This makes the larger iphone 13 pro max slightly hard to grip. The power and volume buttons are on the right and left respectively, on both phones and are placed within reach. The mute switch, which is above the volume buttons, is quite handy theres. Sadly, no fingerprint sensor only apples, unique 3d face id for biometric security, but this doesnt work, if youre wearing a mask apple, has decided to make the notch on all iphone 13 models less wide, but its also taller.

This doesnt feel like much of an improvement. In fact, its even more intrusive when watching full screen video with the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max compared to the relatively more affordable, iphone 13 and iphone 13 mini youre, paying for a more premium stainless steel frame, more powerful graphics, better rear cameras, plus An additional telephoto camera and lidar scanner and a better screen only the pro models can record prores video pro raw stills and portrait stills in night mode. All models have roughly the same core specifications: ip68 ratings ceramic shield for display protection and magsafe wireless charging support. This soc has two high performance cores running at up to 3.23 gigahertz, plus four, more efficiency cores for simple tasks. The integrated gpu is interesting because, for the first time, apple is differentiating between its pro and non pro iphones with 5 and 4 gpu cores respectively screen size is one of the key differences between the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max you get to choose Between 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, respectively, both models have the same type of oled panel, which supports a 120 hertz maximum refresh rate dc ip3 wide color gamut and 1000 nit brightness that can go up to 1200 nits peak for hdr third party teardowns have confirmed that The iphone 13 pro has a 3095 milliamp hour battery, while the iphone 13 pro maxs battery capacity is 4352 milliamp hours. These numbers are quite low compared to what we usually see in the android world, but apple still claims competitive battery life thanks to its efficient soc and display.

Plus software optimizations apple doesnt include a charger in the box with any of its iphones anymore. But if you use a compatible 20 watt or better charger, the company says you should be able to get up to 50 in half an hour. You get ios 15 out of the box, and many of its features will be common across iphones, going back as far as the iphone 6s, all the new iphones. Let you use two e sims together and ditch your physical sim theres support for more 5g bands in india than on previous iphones lets. First talk about the 120 hertz pro motion displays. That apple has finally brought to the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max. This feature is on all the time. Theres, no choice. Apple says it has optimized its hardware and software so that the refresh rate, dynamically changes based on what youre doing scrolling through a list will raise it. While an idle home screen can refresh much slower to save power, these are very crisp. Bright displays, hdr videos in compatible apps, really pop. The stereo speakers produce loud spacious, sound that works well for voices in movies and games. The a15 bionic soc is obviously no slouch handling everything, including heavy 3d games with ease. I never saw either phone struggle with any app or workload. I played call of duty mobile and asphalt 9 legends along with several more casual games such as altos odyssey and lara croft go both iphone 13.

Pro models handle these games beautifully even at the highest possible visual quality settings. The iphone 13 pro max justifies its weight with stellar battery life, nearly two full days with moderate use and still well over one day, even with a lot of video streaming gaming and camera usage, it lasted for 22 hours and 45 minutes in our hd video loop Test the more manageable iphone 13 pro also pushed through a full day with heavy use and might last up to a day and a half. If youre frugal, it managed to run our hd video loop test for 14 hours, 52 minutes, which is about average. Unlike last years, models, the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max have exactly the same cameras, all three rear cameras as well as the front one have 12 megapixel resolutions. First up is the primary wide angle camera, which has an f 1.5 aperture sensor, shift stabilization and seven element lens, then theres, a new ultrawide camera, with an f 1.8 aperture, which can now autofocus to also take macro shots. The telephoto camera can now do 3x optical zoom with ois, but it only has an f 2.8 aperture apple also throws in a lidar sensor on the pro models, which has some applications for augmented reality apps and also allows for portrait shots in night mode. The iphone 13 pro siblings will soon be able to shoot pro res video. Following an ios update, this format is said to allow for improved quality and an end to end professional level.

Video production, workflow cinematic mode, applies a portrait like depth effect to video backgrounds and automatically searches, focus between subjects based on whos, looking at the camera and who is speaking, it can also react to subjects entering or leaving frames or simply turning their heads. When i tried it on non human subjects, it seemed to work fine. However, it needs good light and didnt always work after dark. You can even change, focus points or disable the effect entirely after shooting a video. This was fun to play with, but it isnt something id want to use for everyday videos that i take of places and events. Not every subject needs depth of field and not every scene benefits from dramatic focus shifts photographic styles. Let you impose your own preferences over the iphones automatic decisions regarding metering and color tone, you can set levels for tone and warmth which will be applied to all photos you take. There are four preset combinations and you can fine tune them. The differences they make are subtle, but noticeable as for photo quality. The new iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max can definitely take some incredible shots. Theres no perceivable difference in quality between the two models. The primary wide angle. Camera will not let you down in any situation in daylight. Detail is crisp and colors are vibrant without being over saturated exposures are handled well and hdr works subtly. You do lose a little quality with the ultra wide angle, camera, especially towards the edges of frames.

The difference isnt huge, especially in terms of exposure and color balance, theres no separate macro mode or toggle. As soon as you move either phone close to a subject, the app will automatically switch over to the ultra wide camera, and this works even in video mode. You can usually see this happen in the viewfinder, but theres no indicator of the optimal distance. From your subject, i needed to take several shots varying my position each time to have a decent chance of finding one crisp result. The telephoto camera goes up to 3x optical zoom now, and digital zoom can go up to 15x at 3x. Daytime shots are crisp enough to be useful. It also works with night mode to make up for the f 2.8 aperture. The larger primary camera sensor. Improved a15 bionic, soc and night mode all work together to allow these phones to capture sharp vibrant images, even at night, the ultra wide and telephoto cameras arent quite at the same level, but theyre still exceptionally good video shot on all three cameras in the daytime or At night looks vibrant objects in motion, look smooth and there isnt too much jitter or shimmer. If you record with the main camera, while walking the ultra wide camera cant quite deliver at the same level in terms of definition in low light. But video is no less bright. I did notice a bit of light flaring when shooting with the telephoto camera at night.

The front cameras on the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max are perfectly serviceable, but nothing special for this price level. They deliver crisp shots in the daytime and acceptable detail at night. That said, the superior camera sensors of the iphone 13 pro and pro max, along with pro raw and prores support, telephoto and macro capabilities and their lidar scanners, could make them seem like great value for content creators. You can get a high refresh rate display ip rating macro and telephoto cameras and plenty of other features on far less expensive, android phones. Alternatively, samsungs flashier galaxy z43 costs about the same as the iphone 13 pro max and will feel much more futuristic. The main reasons to choose either the iphone 13 pro or the iphone 13 pro max are their 120 hertz screens and improved camera hardware. Now you might not find that theres much reason to upgrade if you already have an iphone 11 or 12 pro, but for anything older than that, the change will be significant.