This shift come a grip for the phone, its a new product on the market, not many people having it lots of people waiting for for this product to come to the market. So, finally, today, after two weeks of waiting, which i think is pretty reasonable, i got the parcel from hong kong lets find out what is inside, hopefully its not a brick or anything dodgy. However, i had very good experience with shift cam before so im, hoping that the product is as good as they described so lets find out right from the box all right for shift curve. The product comes very well packed and also you always get the um. The feeling that quality of product is very good, as you can see its pleasant black, so lets see whats going on inside the box. We go sort of introduction to the product im going to have a look later on, so how to set up the product, and so on so were going to have a look later on. Yay weve got the product itself. The package of those products remind me a little bit apple products, which is pretty good. Pretty encouraging weve got product itself, weve got um, usb cable type c, i presume, and something else were going to have a look and then lets find out. I already like it. I have to say a little pretty fancy case which again its typical for the shift cam products. They are well packed, theyre, quite presentable.

So inside inside this, this cool wallet weve got the product itself, which is our phone grip. I, like it a lot i like it. A lot already youve got feeling that youve got good quality of product in your head. It feels like a real camera. Of course people will disagree, but seriously it feels really good. You can feed your phone, i presume over there and then weve got charging pad over here. So so far so good, i got the start kit, which basically weve got a strap to hold and to hold the grip. We should have a cold shoe adapter over here and also weve got. We can connect the connect, the grip to the tripod, to the stand right: okay, guys so thats it for now im going to take my grip with me for the trip to norway and basically im going to test it. So in few weeks time i should have more complex review about the problem itself. In the meantime, take care see you later: Music, hello, youtube hows. It going today were going to talk about the new product from shift cam, the company who produced them at different gadgets for a mobile phone for uh phone photography and videography. I had this product few days now. I was quite excited about getting it um. I was a bit concerned about time frame. A lot of people were quite stable about how long it was taken for the company to produce and deliver product to the market.

However, since i made the purchase online, it took just two weeks and after that i got my product and im quite happy. The parcel came from hong kong and had excellent tracking. You can track the progress on your computer screen. It shows you exactly where the parcel is, and they are extremely precise, with the delivery time which really impressed me anyhow coming to the grip itself. So, as you can see its made from a plastic and sort of rubber material, its quite bulky, but i think thats. That was the whole point to sort of give you a feeling that youre holding in your hand the dslr camera. One thing, though, here remember: this grip will not change your mobile phone into the dslr camera, because its not possible dslr is about lenses, is about um camera bodies, about sensors and so on. Basically, using this grip, you will have a phone with a grip, not dslr camera. So if somebody wants that um thats fine, but if somebody is hoping to this grip and get the magic transformation of the phone, its not going to happen its just a gadget and we have to address that so its quite solidly done um as you can. As you can see its a solid material, its not very pretty its, not apple quality, which is not surprising because again it comes with the price, its not very expensive. You can check on the website. The grip can be used also as a holder as a holder and as a stand, which this is whats, something which i really like, because you can put your phone on the stand and also um the grip having battery um pack built in.

So therefore, your phone will be wirelessly um charging, while um you have it on a stand, so you can have it on a vertical stand or horizontal stand for the demonstration im using my iphone 11 pro. So this is not a very big phone. Therefore, the grip itself here is my feeling: is it doesnt fill the the the phone properly so when i use the just the clear, regular iphone cover when you put it in it, really it doesnt hold very well so for the smaller phone the manufacturers suggesting to Use the their two small rubber elements, which is fine. The only problem is that when you place them in there, i dont feel like my phone is very secure, so it doesnt have this leap. Doesnt have this um sort of grip to the phone, which makes me a little bit unsure if i want to use them so, instead of using those rubber elements, i just simply use for my phone. Another cover this actually cover also came from the shift cam. As a old model, the shift come already issue, another cover which im going to purchase later on, so the code, the cover is slightly thicker than regular one. So, therefore, when you put it in a hole in a grip – and it does the job – and it feels pretty much secure, fairly safe and also additional benefit of this particular phone cover – is that it you can mount additional elements um, like external lenses.

Here i purchased sometimes ago the extra lenses they also it came from the shift cam. There are two lenses here: one is the 60 millimeters one for the portrait, and second one is the macro lens, which uh really takes awesome pictures so its very easy to use it in this combo. So, basically, all what you need to do is just to slide in your lens and then to mount your phone to the grip and in this setup this setup is, is pretty good. Its pretty solid youve got the feeling that you hold the proper camera in your hand and also its very useful, to use the the bluetooth a shutter release button and for taking picture its easy pleasurable and reminds all time where we used to use the the regular Cameras, as you can see, the lens is, is very cool, especially if you want to take a picture of the small objects. This this whole uni makes me happy. It makes me feel that ive got good equipment in my hand, and also it gives me a feeling of the security that im not going to drop it. Additionally, a shift, cam grip comes with with a strip. This is, if you bought the starter kit again its a handy thing to have um. Also in a starter pack, you can find cold shoe adapter uh, which can be used for various accessories. You can use it for extra light. You can use it for microphone and so on.

As i mentioned before, when you place your phone into grip, you can use it as a stand and then you can put the phone in a vertical or horizontal position, so i think its pretty cool its pretty handy, especially when you use your phone for social media When you use your phone to talk to using skype or any other platform like this and also big benefit, that the phone can charge at the same time, im not sure, yet if the phone is going to overheat while im using it because it is possible. However, i didnt do the sufficient testing, yet the grip itself is equipped in two buttons. One here is used to connect your phone via bluetooth and, if youre losing connection which didnt happen to me. Yet you can reset the connection over there and second one you can use for switching on or switching off your charging charging your phone here underneath youve got a regular um attachment to your tripod. You can use it for various things as well. Youve got a charging port yours on the top of the grip. You also have a quarter inch culture adapter. You can use it for, for example, extra light. A microphone on the back of the grip here. Youve got little tiny holes when you press the button that basically tells you if the device is connected via bluetooth. Is it charging? It tells you also the level of the battery yeah, its pretty simple device, but pretty handy.

In the same time now you may ask – and i can only say it because i had it for a few days – i still need to test it a little bit more in a field and you can ask. Is it necessary equipment? This is a gadget. Is it necessary no um? Is it cool, i think so i think so because i like the gadgets so again that would be probably address to the people who like gadgets. So the question is: can you live without it? Yes, of course, you can just take the phone out of the pocket and shoot the pictures. However, if somebody wants to have a little bit more fun offer to somebody who simply just like likes the gadgets, this is very cool. This is very cool, its handy, as i said, its a bit clunky and its a bit big, but i think that was the whole point that youve got um impression that youve got like sort of bigger camera in your hand. Would i buy it again? Yes, i would its nice thing to have at home its not only grip, but also stand previously before i ordered the grip from shift com. I bought another phone cover with the detachable grip by a polar pro. Now it is also cool gadget and its worth to have it um its good uh attachment for the for the filters you can buy them separately. Also, the best feature here is the the detachable um grip.

So if you use this cover as just the phone cover and have it in your pocket and you summer out – and you would like to take a picture and uh well to have a bit more secure grip. Therefore, the best idea is to attach the little handle here, its very easy to do, and then, basically you can shoot the pictures. Also you can attach additional accessories. Those two products are different for different users. As i said, this is just the phone cover with extra attachment which, in certain circumstances, can be really helpful and really useful. A should come grip, its a little bit more than this, its the battery pack. So you never run out of the batteries of the charging um its got additional features and can hold various of different phones. Overall, i would say this is good product and i would recommend to um to buy it, so it was just very a quick and honest review of the shift. Cam grip, i think its a good product. I hope guys that you found it useful um. You know this is my personal feeling. Somebody may think that this product is rubbish. I value other peoples opinion to me. I was waiting for the product quite a long time. I was uh watching the progress on social media. I ordered it and i dont regret it. I would i would buy it again. I would recommend it to friends so um its up to you up to you how you feel about it, but the product is solid.

Im going to test it during the next few weeks as im going for two weeks trip to norway, so um yeah ill keep you posting and ill. Let you know if i still like it after the trip in the meantime, take care and speak you next time. Music, alright guys, so here we are, i decided to take the camera grip to the back garden, just to do a quick test. It feels really good, really steady. I even have attached my extra lenses, so 60 millimeters portrait lens and also my macro lens. With this setup, you can take absolutely amazing pictures, especially micro lens im, really impressed with you, can take the pictures of little creatures or any other little objects. So, for that purpose is awesome. The setup is a bit heavyish, but again this is the whole point that youve got impression. You could like a slr camera in your hand. Um you can take the video you can take the pictures. Uh, you wont, be disappointed. Um the device seems performing pretty well. Overall, i would say, im happy with it, so i recommend to buy it, but again you can only decide it for yourself if this is something you want to do, you want to have in your mobile phone accessories in meantime. Thank you very much for watching. I hope it was helpful, so ill see you next time during the next review.