So if youre looking for a modem that lets, you use your existing 4g sim. This is the one to go for it. Does not have any batteries, but on the nice side on the bright side you do not. All you need to do is just plug in its adapter and youre good to go just like a usual router. So, im now pairing uh this with my fold, three, which i recently bought uh. This wireless router comes with a micro sd card as well, which will show up on the network as a network disk. So you can store stuff on that and it will be available to all the devices connected to the router. The server has very good range um, just like your usual router, which is certainly not the case. With the you know, the hotspots, the hotspot which you create with your phone or the small sticks which are provided by the network provider, so this gives you uh, gives you better range, and that is probably due to the two external antennas. So once you are connected, all you do is fire up your by the web browser and go to and once youve done that Music um, it will ask you to set a new password. Setting up is super easy and one of the nice things. I observed that you could also have a glance at the sms messages that you might have received once youre logged in you are treated with a quick start guide, quick, the wizard which lets you um.

You know in put in type in any sort of uh settings that you might be needed, but that might be needed by the router to function properly. Overall, it is very easy to set up. I dont think you would need any expert guidance in setting it up. The speeds are very good um. You will get better than hotspots speeds for sure, because its a dedicated device, not your phone, which is doing all sort of background activities. In the background, this is a dedicated router and it works with any 4g networks. You can see you can check the messages, what the world devices you are connected to and what not it also has a lan port. So you can directly connect it to your laptop or desktop if it if it has one that would give you uh less delays. So better for gaming gamers, i would say, but that said i would still do not recommend gamers to game on a 4g network, get a proper broadband connection for that, and it supports almost all operating systems, including the android which im using right now uh, if youre Using your computer to set it up, you can use mac unix any windows computer, including the oh good old windows, 98, se, that in dinas, if you are wondering they are detachable, but i would recommend them to. I would recommend you to connect them for better range. For my same i didnt did not have, i did not have to a key in any setting, it was plug and play.

I use vodafone same it. Just worked out of the box, no configurations needed and the compatibility of sim card in 100 countries is assured to which is a good thing, so thats all about it. I love this router and get it if you are in a place where there is no broadband connection.