These come packed with features that are bound to intrigue. Anyone looking for a pair of earbuds, but they dont, come without their trade offs. So we asked the question: are they worth it lets check it out Music, and this is it once we open the box. We are greeted by a few words from jabra basic instructions. On how to pair the earbuds extra ear tips, a very short charging, cable and the buds themselves, if we take a look at the case, we see a very familiar design that weve seen in both the 75 ts and the 85 ts. Only this time around, they managed to make it even smaller than the 75 ts, which is nuts, because the case was already small enough to begin with. On the front, we have the jabber logo and a single led indicator light, and on the back, we have a usb c port for charging. The overall build quality is definitely cheaper and lighter than what weve seen before this is expected, especially at this price point. The buds themselves have been redesigned featuring a more triangular shape, with physical buttons, still included, which im thankful for each bud includes two microphones for a total of four mics for better call quality which well get into later. Overall, the buds look great and that leads me to how they fit Music theres, no denying it the jabra elite. Threes are super comfortable. I can wear these for hours and not experience any pain or discomfort plus theyre super light that you almost forget that theyre actually in your ears and they maintain their small form factor where they dont actually stick up past your ears.

Ive worn these for workouts and for runs, and they never fell out of my ears once even with the 75 ts i every now, and then i had to push them back in and readjust them just to make sure that they were in place with the elite. Threes theres, none of that even with the shake test, they would not budge, and this is a real testament to the new design. So the elite threes come with bluetooth 5.2, which is the best bluetooth connection thats available to date. Connecting these to my iphone was quick and simple, and i never experienced any loss in sound while working out. The strange thing was when i was walking around my apartment from time to time. I would experience the music cutting in and out, and i dont know why, because even with my elite 75 ts, which is running bluetooth 5.0, i never had this issue. Water resistance is present here with a rating of ip55, which means that they are rain proof and can withstand splashes from any direction and in my test of splashing them with water, they continued working with no problem, as mentioned before. Physical buttons are present here. Theyre clicky and responsive, but theyre, not as easy to press as the 75 ts, the controls, arent customizable, but theyre very easy to learn. You have access to everything from song skipping to access your voice, assistant, transparency mode to even volume control. So, basically, everything that you need you are also able to use either earbud independently and the controls adjust accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is no anc available on the jabra elite3s, but honestly i didnt miss it. The passive noise isolation on these works really well on its own. What these do have is transparency mode and, as you would expect, it works really well, i did find the noise coming in to be a bit processed, though in my experience i did feel these worked a lot better when i was outside on one of my walks Or my runs, i had no problem hearing traffic with my music playing at around 40 volume. Having conversations with transparency mode on is a bit of a different story, though dont get me wrong, its definitely doable, but the elite threes are a bit on the quiet side. With music off, i found that i had to really focus to be able to hear what the other person was saying, and this was in a quiet room. If i wanted to have a conversation with music on, though i found that the music needed to be at a very low level in order to be able to hear the other person and be comfortable with the conversation altogether, and this leads me to the mic test. As always ill, let you guys be the judge, so this is what the mics sound like on the jabra elite threes. As usual, i do have some coffee shop noises playing on my ipad at around 50 volume and im actually going to go ahead. Im going to turn the sound off just to give you guys an example what the microphone sound like in a quiet environment.

Let me know what you think now. The big question here is: how do these sound and i have to admit these sound, really good. They have six millimeter drivers, which are the same size as the ones found in the elite 75 ts. They also get really loud. I was able to listen to music comfortably at around 50 to 60 volume. Jabra has been putting a lot of emphasis on the bass here and for good reason too. The bass is deep and punchy, and, depending on the music that you listen to, it can have a rumbling presence, not so much where it overpowers everything, but its just enough to give that extra oomph that the music needs, the mids are well balanced. Instruments like guitars and drums, sound nice and clean vocals are pushed forward and highs do well enough with enough detail to stand out audio direction. Here is really good, too its so cool being able to listen to a song like icarus by august burns red and be able to tell where and what matte grinder is playing on the drums. It almost feels as if youre, the one thats behind the drum kit and its so cool, and this takes us to the app and just like the jabra earbuds, that weve tested before you are prompted to download the jabra sound plus app from here. You have access to the battery life, the find my earbuds option you can toggle hear through or transparency mode and switch between music presets, its pretty bearable as compared to what weve seen in the past and the one thing thats missing is the customizable equalizer, but its Not a big deal, the elite threes are listed to have up to seven hours of playback time with an additional 28 hours.

With the case, in my testing of listening to music at fifty percent volume, i started the day off at nine am, and i was able to reach 3 10 pm before getting the low battery warning at 10 percent for a total of 6 hours and 10 minutes, Which, i feel is pretty good. Fast charging is available here with 10 minutes, giving you an extra hour of playback and unfortunately, wireless charging is not included. So weve talked about the elite threes being a pair of budget friendly earbuds, but how much do they actually cost? Well, they come in at a price of 99, canadian or 79 u.s, which, if you ask me, is a steal in the end, the jabber elite 3s are a great pair of earbuds. They offer transparency mode, great battery life, ease of use, a lightweight and very comfortable design and a quality sound signature thats similar to the 75 tees. Although they dont feature anc. The passive noise isolation does well enough, where you might not miss it. At only 99. The jabra elite 3s are going to be hard to beat. Thank you all for watching. If you enjoy this, video go ahead and slap that like button, and let me know your thoughts in the comment box down below.